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Can You Get Day Passes Out of Inpatient Rehab in OH?

Inpatient rehab allows you to enjoy a comfortable place to stay while you begin your recovery. While you may know that you need the extra level of support that an inpatient rehab provides, you may also be nervous about feeling confined to one area for a lengthy period of time. A day pass allows for you to temporarily leave the rehab center to do other things that may range from taking care of an essential responsibility to enjoying some form of sober entertainment.

Each rehab views day passes a little differently. While some provide you with total freedom of movement outside of the center, others tend to encourage people to avoid leaving for the day. For this reason, it is best to consult with your preferred rehab to find out their specific guidelines regarding day passes. Keep in mind, however, that your time in rehab is typically ruled by your own decisions. While you must follow the rehab program’s rules, you are also free to decide how long you want to stay. In most cases, people decide to stay once they realize that being in such a safe environment that is away from temptation feels right for their sobriety.

Benefits of Going to Inpatient Rehab

There are several reasons why people choose an inpatient rehab versus one with outpatient services. You may need to go to an inpatient program if your life at home is heavily filled with temptation. For instance, it may be hard to quit drinking or doing drugs if someone is continuing to use these substances in your home. You may also just need to get away from the stress of your everyday life. If seeing a pile of bills or arguing with your partner makes you want to fall into old habits, then you need to take a temporary break to go to counseling and learn healthy ways to cope with these situations.

Staying overnight in your rehab also gives you more opportunities to receive professional support. This is particularly helpful during the first few stages of withdrawal when you may find it hard to sleep, and the physical symptoms of detoxing can cause you to crave drugs and alcohol intensely. With inpatient rehab, you also don’t waste time on a commute. Instead, you will wake up, eat breakfast and begin your day that is filled with counseling and these addiction treatment services.

  • family or relationship counseling
  • group therapy
  • individualized counseling
  • nutritional support

How Day Passes Are Handled

Inpatient rehabs tend to be cautious about how they handle day passes. If you are only in the center for a brief period of time, then they may recommend that you spend each day focused on attending your therapy sessions. In your rehab program recommends not taking a day pass, then you will still be provided with opportunities to go outside on the campus. Often, you’ll find outdoor activities there to enjoy such as swimming or playing sports.

When your rehab does issue day passes, they may do so for varying reasons. Some rehabs issue a day pass so that you can handle things that come up during the stay. For example, you may get a day pass to attend a court date. You may also be given day passes to begin acclimating to spending time in a real-world environment where you get to use your new coping skills to stay sober. Your rehab center may also offer you the option of being accompanied by a sober companion on your day out. Having a professional companion with you helps to make sure that you feel supported any time you run across a trigger such as passing a bar or seeing an old friend.

How to Prevent Relapse When You Leave the Center

Whether you leave the center on a day pass or wait until you have completed the program, you will eventually need to spend time in your everyday world. This can be a stressful time for you since it may bring up worries about having a relapse. If so, then try not to worry. Each day of your inpatient stay is designed to build up to this moment.

You will also receive an aftercare plan before you leave the rehab program. This plan may have you return to the center or another professional for outpatient care. Outpatient counseling helps you to stay strong in your sobriety. Talking to other people about your experiences as you reenter your normal life helps you to address challenges to your sobriety as they come up.

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