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Do You Have to Be in Crisis to Go to an Inpatient Treatment Center?

When you watch someone go to an addiction treatment center in the movies, they are typically going through some type of dramatic situation. The media often uses these moments to heighten the excitement of a plot, but the truth is that most recovery center admissions are much less dramatic. At a real-life treatment center, you won’t see people being dragged through the doors by their friends and family members. Instead, going to rehab is usually a quiet process that involves a person making the decision to get help before things go terribly wrong. While you don’t have to be in a crisis to go to an inpatient treatment center, they will help you if you are going through one.

You might have already hit rock bottom and be struggling with serious issues that are caused by your addiction. Some examples of a crisis situation include the following:

  • fears of having severe withdrawal symptoms
  • being asked to leave your home
  • going through a divorce or break up
  • dealing with trouble with the law
  • experiencing symptoms of a coexisting mental health disorder

The realization that you are in a crisis situation may be scary, but you can use this moment to seek support that helps you overcome any challenge in your life.

Prevent Having a Crisis by Going to an Inpatient Treatment Center

If you are not in a crisis situation, then you may be wondering what is the point of going to rehab. You might worry that your problem isn’t bad enough to be offered admission into the program, and it is normal to feel this way. After years of misusing drugs or alcohol, you may feel like you are used to your lifestyle. Or, you may feel like you are beginning to head down a dangerous road. Inpatient treatment is designed for people at all levels of the addiction cycle. You don’t necessarily have to be at your worst to know that you need help, and there is power in finding ways to get better before you have to do even more work getting your life back on track. Choosing to get help before you experience a major or life-threatening crisis is a sign of wisdom and strength.

An inpatient treatment center offers multiple services that allow you to begin recovering from your addiction before a major crisis hits. For instance, you might be able to attend family counseling sessions during your stay that prevents you from having to get a divorce. You may also use your time in addiction recovery to begin working on finding a job and dealing with other challenges that hinder your ability to get the most out of life. The counselors at your treatment center can help you find out if you have underlying mental health issues that are at least partially the reason why you struggle with addiction. Discovering how to treat issues such as depression and anxiety is empowering, and this step is critical for long-term recovery.

As you begin to work on your addiction to rehab, you will find ways to prevent many issues from happening in your life. Individual and group counseling sessions are a time when you can learn how to manage your emotions, communicate better, and recognize when you are on the verge of a relapse. All of these skills are essential for crisis prevention. The decision to get treatment as an inpatient also allows you the right amount of space and time that you need to step away from whatever is happening in your life.

This is a time when you need to completely focus on yourself and healing, and staying for a few days or weeks in a treatment center gives you the ability to accomplish this. Self-reflection combined with professional support helps you to begin working through any challenge. Once you complete your treatment, you will feel physically healthier, mentally stronger and ready to tackle all of those challenges that happen in life. You also receive continued support that helps you stay sober with an aftercare plan.

Do you worry that your addiction is leading to a major crisis in your life? If so, we are here to help. Give us a call at (440) 253-9915 and let us know what is going on. We can get you into an inpatient treatment center that gets your life back on the right track.