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Nestled between Bentleyville and South Russell, the village of Chagrin Falls has prospered over the years, thanks in large part to the nearby waterfalls from which it derives its name. Sadly, while Chagrin Falls is a relatively small suburb of Cleveland and a nice place to visit, it has not escaped the drug and opioid epidemics sweeping Ohio and the nation at large.

This issue has not only involved illegal street drugs, either. Both alcohol and prescription drug addiction are a growing problem in the small village of Chagrin Falls. Fortunately, there is hope. If you’re looking for a drug rehab facility with inpatient and outpatient services, counseling, detox, and dual diagnosis treatment near Chagrin Falls, Ohio, then Prosperity Haven is just a short drive or phone call away.

In addition to helping yourself or someone you love overcome addiction, it is also important to understand how addiction has impacted the residents of Chagrin Falls in recent years. In today’s guide, we will cover some of the latest drug abuse statistics in Chagrin Falls, as well as programs utilized to combat the crisis. Additionally, we will discuss some of the most pressing issues faced by people dealing with drug addiction in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

The Drug Addiction Crisis in Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls is not quite as old as some of the larger surrounding suburbs. However, it still has an interesting history that spans nearly two centuries. Founded in 1837, the small community grew around the Chagrin River, which runs directly through the middle of Chagrin Falls. There are various waterfalls along the river, both in Chagrin Falls and in the surrounding area, which helped the founders give the community its distinctive name.

Chagrin Falls is quite small in both geography and population. Covering just over two square miles, Chagrin Falls boasts a population of just under 4,000 people. However, the population has been on a slow decline since 2010, when there were over 4,100 residents recorded in the census. As previously mentioned, though Chagrin Falls is a small, quiet community with plenty of natural beauty, it still has to deal with issues of drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol abuse is particularly common among the youth of Chagrin Falls. According to one survey of Chagrin Falls students, roughly 40% of 8th graders had used or currently use alcohol or marijuana, while more than 75% of high school seniors use one or both substances. As various studies have shown, drug or alcohol use during adolescence greatly increases the risk of addiction during adulthood. This puts future generations of Chagrin Falls residents at high risk. Meanwhile, opioid and alcohol addiction are the two largest contributors to drug-related emergency room visits and overdoses among adults in the area.

Chagrin Falls Drug and Alcohol Abuse Vs the Rest of Ohio

Throughout the 2010s, Chagrin Falls saw higher rates of drug-related deaths than most other townships in the state. And like much of the state and the country, drug-related deaths have been on the rise in Chagrin Falls. Between 2010 and 2018, the county of Cuyahoga (of which Chagrin Falls is a part) saw an increase in death rates among inbound patients experiencing a drug overdose, peaking at 47.9% in 2017.

Though Chagrin Falls only makes up a small part of Cuyahoga County, it has still seen drug-related deaths every single year for the past decade. Fortunately, the number of deaths and overdoses was in decline in 2019 and the first half of 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a higher number of drug and alcohol-related crimes and deaths. Tragically, it has been extremely difficult for local physicians and medical facilities to treat the large number of COVID-19 patients and drug-overdose patients simultaneously.

As a result, death rates have begun to increase again, despite the efforts of the Chagrin Falls and Cuyahoga County governments. However, Chagrin Falls is still better off than many of the larger districts and cities in the state of Ohio. For example, the average death rate for overdose patients in Chagrin Falls prior to COVID-19 rested at 24%. This is extremely low when compared to some other cities like Cincinnati, which maintained an average death rate of about 30% during the same time period.

On the other hand, there are many small townships in Ohio that have far lower drug-related death rates, thanks in large part to low crime rates, government intervention programs, and easy access to medical facilities. For example, cities like Wakaponeta and Ashland have recorded overdose death rates as low as 2% and 7%, respectively. Other factors have also contributed to the large variations in death rates from one town, county, or city to another. Areas with ample access to synthetic drugs like fentanyl see far higher death rates due to the strength of the drug. However, factors like poverty and age demographics can also impact the number of overdoses and the percentage of drug-related deaths.

In short, Chagrin Falls has seen higher overdose and death rates than many other locations in Ohio, but the numbers have varied over the years. Additionally, it is not the worst town in Ohio for drug and alcohol addiction, but it has certainly struggled to keep addiction rates low. The truth is that Chagrin Falls is a lot like many other small towns in the United States. It has worked to combat drug and alcohol abuse, but various factors have still made it difficult for many residents to overcome their addictions.

Substance Abuse Treatment & Prevention in Chagrin Falls

Despite some troubling statistics from the Cleveland suburb, the Chagrin Falls government is surprisingly committed to reducing instances of drug and alcohol abuse. It has also worked to draw attention to those who have lost their lives as a result of addiction. Most recently, Senator Matt Dolan of Chagrin Falls sponsored a bill that was signed into law declaring August 31st as “Ohio Overdose Awareness Day.”

Many of the efforts to combat addiction in Chagrin Falls are managed at the county level. Cuyahoga County has worked to discourage opioid prescriptions by local physicians, resulting in a 0.4% reduction in these prescriptions between 2019 and 2020. Additionally, Project DAWN is a government-sponsored program specifically designed to help subsidize and distribute Naloxone kits to patients addicted to opioids.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio Addiction Statistics

So far, we have covered some of the broader facts concerning the drug problem in Chagrin Falls. However, it is important to look at the hard numbers as well. This is the only way to see an accurate picture of how the city is faring compared to years past. Here are a few of the latest and most relevant findings in Chagrin Falls, Ohio as of 2020:

  • Annual Overdoses: 22
  • Cause of Overdose
    • Unspecified Substances: 45%
    • Illicit Substances: 37%
    • Poisoning: 2%
    • Prescription Drugs: 16%
  • Annual Drug-Related Deaths: 6

Addiction Recovery Rehab in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Needless to say, the residents of Chagrin Falls have not been excluded from the ongoing crisis with drug and alcohol abuse. This means that there is still a significant need for drug rehab and treatment in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. While the government is doing its best to fight and raise awareness of drug addiction, individuals and families also have to reach out for help when it is needed.

Fortunately, Chagrin Falls residents do have access to high-quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you or someone you love is facing addiction and needs help, Prosperity Haven is just a short drive from Chagrin Falls, making it easy for victims of drug abuse to be admitted for inpatient or outpatient treatments. In addition to detox and counseling, Prosperity Haven offers dual diagnosis treatment, residential inpatient programs, group and family therapy, as well as holistic approaches to address the broader needs of each individual.

Are you or someone you love struggling with drug addiction in Chagrin Falls, Ohio? Are you looking for treatment options nearby that can help address drug addiction using a wide range of treatments? If so, feel free to contact the experts at Prosperity Haven to learn more about your options.

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