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What Advantages Does a 90 Day Drug Rehab Have Over Shorter Programs?

Illegal drug use and prescription pill abuse crumble physical health, finances, and relationships. By the time addicts realize they can no longer go on and they need help to stop, their states of mind and body have a long way to go to recovery. Drug addiction is a different experience for every person who falls prey to it, and 90-day drug rehab offers advantages beyond shorter programs no matter your specific circumstances.

90-day programs go beyond basic detox with withdrawal management to a deeper therapy, healthful habit-building, and purpose creation. 30-day programs mainly serve your acute physical needs and mental health stability. This is useful and necessary, however, it may not be enough to stop temptations to use plus connect to a higher purpose to stay drug-free for.

90 Days to Transform Your Life From Addiction To Purpose

Three months away from home and work sound like a lifetime for most people. The point of 90-day inpatient or outpatient drug rehab programs is to create the sensation that a lifetime has passed, so you can feel like you’ve begun a new life by the end. Longer programs build stronger relationships with addiction counselors you might continue to see long after the inpatient or outpatient component. More sessions help them push to identify the roots of your usage.

Three months also promise new friendships with more positive people who are recovering just like you. They have made mistakes in life, they recognized them and they made huge leaps to change. These are the kind of people you will need for the rest of your life. After two months around them, you will be one of the wise voices and strong resources incoming addicts need.

Full Physical Recovery Takes More Than a Month

The first one or two weeks of every drug rehab program are complicated periods when withdrawal symptoms and chances of leaving are highest. By the time this exhausting and emotional phase passes in 30-day programs, it is almost time to go home or end services. There just aren’t enough days to get on to deeper therapy, holistic healing and purpose building.

90-day programs can afford to extend the detox phase. Studies show the human brain needs this much time to recover and cease cravings. Medical professionals have more room to diagnose and treat health issues that lead to drug use, such as chronic pain and depression. If you are not consumed with discomfort and anxieties of detox, you can take more advantage of the treatments meant to heal physical damages.

  • Food services focus on balanced, well-rounded meals to revitalize bodies, replace lost nutrients and reignite the joy of food over drugs.
  • Supervised workouts may include outdoor fun, yoga, and dancing to get you back in shape.
  • A set, predictable schedule resets your circadian rhythm from the haphazard chaos drugs may have caused so you accustom to better, more restful sleep.

Developing As a New Person Takes a Lifetime

Everyone would love to get away for 90 days with a staff dedicated to help them rest, exercise, and talk out their challenges. This makes 90-day drug rehab near to a vacation once the initial detox process and grueling withdrawal settle down. The frustrations and stressors you covered up with drugs will go away for three whole months. This retreat is the perfect time to reactivate your future dreams and goals to come out not only drug-free but purposeful.

Most importantly, 90 days of distance from the people and places you needed for drugs helps you disconnect from automatic drug use because of them. The drug habit puts you on autopilot to instinctively associate certain times, activities, and people to get high. You are much better off to let these associations disappear for 90 days instead of one month.

Turn your life around with the opportunity for prolonged attention, service, and care to help you beat addiction. We can help you find an affordable, proven 90-day program that fits your and your loved ones’ needs. Our caring counselors are available 24 hours a day, so get started now with a call to (440) 253-9915.