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What Are the Pros and Cons of Treatment Centers for Women Versus Coed?

According to U.S. government data from 2015, 3% of American women were suffering from a drug use disorder, while 10.4% were suffering from an alcohol use disorder; since then, the number of women struggling with alcohol and drug abuse has increased sharply. As a woman who may presently be in the midst of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may have considered a substance abuse treatment center that is just for women. There are many reasons to choose this type of recovery, including a history of trauma, damaged self esteem, eating disorders, body image issues, inability to form relationships with men and a variety of other reasons.

What are the pros and cons to consider, when choosing gender-based treatment? You may have not entered treatment because you were wary of sharing and being in an environment with men. As a caregiver, gatekeeper, mother, and central organizing factor in your family, you might be more comfortable around others who have had this same experience. Or you may be a part of a workplace that encourages women to compete in an environment fueled by alcohol. Whatever your reason for deciding on a women’s treatment center, here are some pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of a Women’s Treatment Center

Pros: These are some favorable reasons to consider a treatment center for women:

  • Sense of trust and bonding with same-sex
  • Treatment is specialized for physiological, emotional, and relational issues
  • Minimized sexual tension is preferred
  • Communication is open about social and cultural pressures that can result in substance abuse
  • Building a strong support system
  • Learning life skills that lead to success after recovery
  • A feeling of safety and security
  • Empower one another in a nurturing environment

If you have experienced a traumatic event or abuse, it is more helpful to be in a treatment program for women only; in this environment, you can be open and may receive women’s medical health services that might involve family planning or health risks unique to women. Women also have a number of body image issues that are easier to share in a women-only environment. You may also want your family or children to be involved in your treatment plan or want specialized therapies that are aimed at women. A women’s treatment center may be more accepting of those in the LGBT community and offer treatment that is judgment-free. If you are pregnant, treatment for women can include medical visits and special medically-assisted detox.

Cons: These are some reasons and factors that might be considered when thinking of treatment for substance abuse for women only:

  • Gender-specific treatment does not prepare you for the real world of people
  • You will not be experiencing the value of a diverse group
  • There is less opportunity for learning and establishing healthy connections with the opposite sex
  • Misconceptions about men may be encouraged in a women-only environment

Since the real world is made up of men and women and those in between, being in a treatment for women-only gives you less exposure to the diverse mix of people that make up the real and varied world. Learning socialization skills may be part of your long-term recovery, and interaction with all kinds of people may be necessary for your social growth as well as future sobriety.

You want your choice of rehab to give you a sense of security, in a world of uncertainty, as you leave old habits and ways of thinking behind. Rehab for women may provide a sense of community that you need to go forward into a more powerful and successful life of sobriety. Specific programs, geared towards women, might give you valuable coping skills as well as the support that you need to break free of your addiction. Whether you choose to go to a specific treatment center for women, don’t let abuse of drugs or alcohol take control of your life. Look forward to a maintained and meaningful recovery with the help of the right rehab center. Give us a call at (440) 253-9915, and we’ll get you started on the right path to a confident, positive, and sober life.