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What Is the Timeline Like for 90 Day Drug Rehab Programs?

A 90-day treatment program for drug rehabilitation is one of the most effective and common methods of treating addiction. These programs are typically entered after an individual completes detox from substances. A 90-day rehab program can help individuals to learn how to live again without drugs or alcohol in their lives. It can take time to remember how to live a sober lifestyle and thrive again. These long term programs focus on healing individuals both psychologically and physically. If you or a loved one are entering a 90-day treatment program for drug rehabilitation, you may be nervous or curious about what this type of treatment will entail. It may be comforting or reassuring to know what treatment will be like. The timeline and treatment modalities may differ among various rehabilitation programs, but much 90-day rehabilitation follows a similar timeline. The timeline may also be different for outpatient versus inpatient rehabilitation programs.

Inpatient rehabilitation programs require individuals who are receiving treatment to live within their facility for the entirety of their 90-day treatment. Outpatient rehabilitation involves individuals visiting a treatment center for the majority of the day to engage in therapy and treatment and afterward, returning to their own home.

Timeline for 90 Day Drug Rehabilitation

As stated before, most rehabilitation programs are different and they usually approach treatment in their own unique ways. Regardless, the majority of 90-day drug rehabilitation programs include medically supervised detox and withdrawal that is followed by skill-building, intensive counseling and therapy, and the twelve-step program treating addiction. The first thing that typically occurs when entering a 90-day treatment program is detox. The main goal when first entering treatment is to detox from any and all substances that are abused. It may take several days to fully detox from substances and most rehabilitation programs have fully trained medical staff experienced with addiction that monitor individuals during withdrawal and detox. After completing a medically assisted withdrawal and detox, 90-day rehabilitation programs typically begin a stringent schedule of treatment within an extremely structured program. During this time, individuals who are engaging in group therapy and a twelve-step program are able to build an invaluable support network of peers who are fighting for the same thing or have conquered their addiction. These peers are able to be a sounding board for individuals who are going through addiction as well. They are able to give advice and display genuine empathy for others in treatment because they truly understand what addiction and rehabilitation are like.

Therapy usually includes psychotherapy, counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, skills training, and a twelve-step recovery program. Therapy also enables individuals to gain skills and positive coping mechanisms to deal with cravings and maintaining sobriety after leaving the rehabilitation program. Generally, therapy will focus on identifying pre-existing conditions that typically lead to addiction or substance abuse (e.g., anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder) as well as identifying factors that lead to and maintain addiction and substance abuse. Individuals are then shown how to identify triggers like certain settings, people, thoughts, and events that make them want to use substances. They are then are able to control themselves and the thoughts that are maladaptive through the use of positive behavior and coping skills training. After completing therapy successfully, the final step is usually relapse prevention. Relapse prevention entails education and preparation for living a productive sober life after treatment. Typically, 90-day drug rehab programs make sure that their patients are given a chance to connect with a support group in their community or to continue treatment in an outpatient rehabilitation program. This is suggested in order to help encourage and support individuals who are newly sober in their new life.

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