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Who Will I Meet at Rehab Facilities in OH?

Although it can feel intimidating to seek treatment at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, you have the absolute best chance of success there. When it comes to abstaining from a substance, it is critical to have support. And not just any support- support from professionals who know what you’re going through and can offer you the best options for comfort and your future.

Imagine yourself, in your bathroom, going through withdrawal at home. Even with a friend or family member to care for you, it’s dangerous. They’re unable to perform medical assessments. You most likely only have over-the-counter medications to assist you through the withdrawal. For many patients, and especially for patients withdrawing from alcohol, clinical supervision is vital.

People who withdraw from substances can experience:

  • tremors
  • sweating
  • body aches and chills
  • confusion
  • seizures or even coma

This is why it’s best to check into a rehabilitation facility where a team can guide you safely and comfortable through the process.

Who Will do I meet at Rehab Facilities in OH?

Once you are a patient at a rehab facility, you will be assigned a few important professional clinicians who will follow you every step of the way. Each professional has their own area of expertise with which to help you.

The Psychiatrist

This clinician will be the one who ultimately determines your full course of treatment. These professionals have vast experience when it comes to dealing with addiction and will be able to reassure as well as guide you. In addition to prescribing medications as needed to help withdrawal symptoms, psychiatrists can recommend medications that reduce cravings to help keep you on track. They will also assess your mood and mental status to see if you need mental health support.

The Nurse

Nurses are essential for your minute-to-minute care and daily activities. It is their job to administer the medications prescribed by the psychiatrists as well as to provide emotional support. Remember that nurses cannot prescribe medications- they can only give it on the schedule set by the psychiatrist. If you wish for any changes and your doctor is unavailable, the nurse is the primary contact for the psychiatrist.

The Social Worker

Social workers are key in lining up services to assist you after your rehab stay. With zero support, you will fail. It’s their job to make sure you have a ride from rehab to your housing, and to make sure to give you a list of local AA meetings to attend. Social workers can even help you with disability benefits and filing the correct paperwork to get those to which you’re entitled.

Many cases of addiction are complicated by tricky family situations. The social worker is well-versed in family law and can advise the best course of action related to these issues.

The Mental Health Associate

When it comes to staff, you can think of the Mental Health Associate as the one with the boots first on the ground. These staff members are often available to patients in a detox setting 24/7 and are responsible for everything from carefully logging your belongings to running therapeutic group counseling sessions. Most are very passionate about their field and would like nothing more than to guide you through the process. In fact, many of them are sober from substances themselves and have literally been in your shoes in the past.

Your Peers

Remember that rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol does not occur in a vacuum! Your peers are oftentimes your biggest support when it comes to staying sober because they’ve been through it- they know what you face and they want you to succeed as much as they want themselves to succeed.

Keep in mind that friends you meet in rehabilitation can be your biggest asset or your greatest flaw. Because they’ve been there, it’s easy for them to drag you down if they decide to relapse. But it’s also incredibly motivating to see someone else stay clean and sober because it helps you keep in mind how attainable it is for you as well.

So who can you expect to meet in rehab in Ohio? You can expect to meet a team of qualified and licensed professionals and peers who are seeking the same thing you are: a life free from alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Addiction is a complex and difficult journey that shouldn’t be attempted alone. With help from a rehab center, you will be setting yourself up for the best chance for a successful future. Call us today at (440) 253-9915.