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What Is 2M2B?
An Overview of Tert-amyl Alcohol


Alcohol is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. The predominant ingredient in this beverage is ethanol, a primary form of alcohol. However, there has been a rise in the consumption of a type of alcohol called tertiary alcohols, and one of the most popular is (2M2B) or Tert-Amyl alcohol . Historically used as an anesthetic, 2M2B is currently manufactured for use as a solvent in organic synthesis, used in manufacturing and pharmaceutical labs, even though a growing many people are using it as a recreational drug.

2M2B: What it is

2M2B belongs to an alcohol category known as pentanol. It is a colorless liquid that emits a powerful and unpleasant chemical-like smell. Notably, 2M2B is not detected in normal toxicology drug and alcohol tests, which is a primary cause for the dearth of medical studies and analysis on the matter.

2M2B is not intended for consumption as a beverage, and as such is not regulated for that purpose, and has not been approved by the food and drug administration for sale as an alcoholic beverage, allowing for various dangerous health outcomes.

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Effects of 2M2B (T-amyl alcohol)

When people ingest 2M2B, they get effects similar to those of alcoholic beverages made from ethanol. However, its effects are stronger even at small amounts of under 5g or 8mL, and it takes a shorter time for them to be felt. Within 30 minutes, a person who has ingested the liquid will experience effects such as strongly impaired coordination, dizziness, and drowsiness, which are common among all partakers of the substance. Most also experience euphoria, relaxation and impaired concentration, while some have their inhibitions and judgement dramatically lowered after consuming it, and some even experience a form of hypnosis.

The effects last longer than those of the common ethanol-based alcohol, and the drowsiness caused by 2M2B, even in low doses, can last for more than 18 hours. Some of the effects can last for up to two days. However, the lingering effects seem to be different from a typical alcohol hangover, due to a better oxidation process in the body.

Other Names for 2M2B

2M2B is also known by the names:

  • 2-methyl-2-butene
  • Tert-Amyl alcohol
  • T amyl
  • TAA
  • tert alcohol
  • tertpentyl alcohol
  • amylene hydrate

Symptoms of Excessive Use of 2M2B

Due to the strong effects, some people can be tempted to overuse the substance. When overused, symptoms similar to those of alcohol poisoning are visible. The most common one is skin color changes, with the skin turning bluish or pale. Seizures are also widely experienced by people who excessively use 2M2B.

Other symptoms include hypertension, breathing impairments leading to potentially fatal respiratory depression, irregular heart rate, high blood pressure, and a decrease in body temperature.

Dangers Associated with 2M2B Abuse and Dangerous Drug Interactions with "mixing"

Since 2M2B is not intended for consumption as a beverage, and has not been approved by the food and drug administration for sale as an alcoholic beverage, it is not regulated for that purpose, allowing for various dangerous health outcomes. It is available in liquid and powder form and has been accessible from online commercial sources, including wholesale chemical companies as well as on eBay and, accompanied by a disclaimer that the product is not for human consumption.

2M2B also interacts negatively with a wide range of substances, potentially causing harm. For example, taking 2M2B with depressant drugs can cause depressed respiration and even loss of consciousness. Some people take 2M2B before or after taking stimulant drugs which can cause deleterious reactions including severe dehydration. Stimulants can hide the effects of 2M2B, which can lead to excessive intake. When the effects of stimulants wear off, the effects of excessive use of 2M2B manifest themselves, with people losing motor control quickly and completely. Others blackout or experience total disinhibition.

Tert-Amyl, 2M2B alcohol Use in the USA and Bad Outcomes

Due to its low cost compared to ethanol-based alcohol and ease of accessibility, 2M2B is increasingly becoming popular in Europe and the United States. It’s commonly used by young people and low-income earners who want to get high easily at a cheaper cost. Reports indicate that many people use it as a substitute for traditional alcohol, while others use it to supplement alcohol made from ethanol. The ingestion of 2M2B is unpleasant, it produces a burning sensation in the mouth and throat and users often dilute it in another liquid to mitigate the unpleasant effects.

Several bad outcomes have been documented of people who have overused the substance. Though, as mentioned, there is little information and research on this emerging substance and its effects, being that it is not well known to health providers and isn’t detected in regular screening tests. One known fatal example has been someone choking on his vomit while unconscious. Fatal accidents by people intoxicated with 2M2B are becoming increasingly common because of their strong and unique effects on motor control. Since the substance is not manufactured for human consumption and has not been approved by the food and drug administration for sale as an alcoholic beverage, there are several potential negative health outcomes. Health experts indicate that 2M2B is multiple times more harmful to the liver than ethanol-based alcohol.

Getting help for 2M2B drug addiction or misuse

If you or someone you know may be struggling with unwanted 2M2B misuse, they may be stuck in a cycle of addiction, which can be almost impossible to break out of alone. Addiction usually causes one to obsess over the substance they have developed a dependency on, and to seek it out and use it at all costs, even when it may be detrimental to them or their relationships. Additionally, most addictions stem from an underlying emotional or mental cause which may need to be addressed professionally and carefully in a thorough and deep manner.

If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of social or emotional deterioration, as well as other behaviors that may hint at a substance misuse or addiction, you might want to help them research the best available options for caring for and recovering from addiction. Someone stuck in a cycle of addiction may need longer term inpatient care, or a lower level of care, depending on their situation and circumstances. This evaluation is best done by a trained and certified addiction treatment specialist or a doctor. All quality addiction rehabilitation facilities provide access to proper evaluation of treatment needs, along with full applicable health screenings.

Along with finding the suitable care options, you may want to turn to an addiction care provider to assist you in finding a way to encourage and convince the one struggling with addiction to go ahead and commit themselves to treatment. This intervention is usually successful only when approached with sincere respect and compassion.