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If you have any questions about our admissions process, our treatment programs or recovery services, and what you can expect during your time with us, here’s where you can find answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered clearly on this page, please call 440-253-9915 — we’re happy to help.

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Residential Inpatient substance addiction treatment: What levels of care does Prosperity Haven ohio provide?

At Prosperity Haven we offer the highest level of long-term treatment for addiction in Ohio – residential, which is known as intensive inpatient treatment, as well as the step-down level of care – PHP, which is semi-residential and features more outpatient elements than residential treatment.

Inpatient Residential addiction treatment is designed to bring a patient struggling to overcome their addiction into a comprehensive recovery environment, ensuring maximum results. During their stay at a residential treatment program, clients will be mostly removed from triggering or stressful encounters, as they work through their addiction and recover in a safe space, along with peers in recovery and expert staff guiding them along. 

As anyone that ever worked to come out of the grips of an addiction can attest to, recovery requires enormous amounts of focus and dedication. Recovery is very possible and within reach for anyone willing to work for it, and indeed happens everyday even with the most severe cases, but it needs to be done right. That’s why residential treatment is known to be the best rehabilitation method, as it offers the most robust features that are conducive to recovery.

In addition to providing a fresh start in a new environment, inpatient residential care also offers individual and group therapy sessions, emotional health counseling, relaxation and trigger management tools, and life skills training. Residential addiction care allows the individual to gradually and consistently improve as they practice new behaviors and thought patterns and develop into who they truly want to be – their best self. 

How do I know if I need Residential Inpatient substance treatment and if that’s right for me?

While residential treatment is obviously the most effective option for recovery, whether it is essential for you depends on the severity of your addiction and the support system available to you. Residential inpatient treatment is the most intensive form of treatment and is usually recommended for those with moderate to severe addictions and to those that have not responded to other forms of treatment, or for those who don’t have a strong support system at home. 

Residential treatment plays a very important role in the recovery of individuals who need to receive emotional and or mental care, since the underlying conditions that are associated with addiction need to be fully addressed in a comprehensive manner.

How long do I need to stay at a residential inpatient rehab center for?

A typical stay at a residential addiction treatment facility usually lasts between 30 and 60 days, depending on the level of addiction. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the history and types of substance use, and the physical and emotional characteristics of each individual, the length of stay of the individual is determined by the health care team and adjusted as necessary based on their physical and emotional needs. A patient with a milder form of addiction and few complicating factors may be able to complete a 30 day program, while someone with a more severe addiction may require 45-60 days.

It’s a fact that when it comes to recovery from addiction, there can’t be any cut corners. After investing a great deal of effort into their recovery, most clients will intuitively understand that to reach a steady state in their recovery, they may need a little bit more time.

Most Prosperity Haven Ohio Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers patients stay under our care for approximately 45 days, but some may stay longer or shorter. 

Detox and Residential substance treatment: Do I need to go to detox first?

It is usually the case that someone who struggles with an addiction will need medically assisted withdrawal treatments. This is in order to safely stop using the substance for a few days in order to stop their active addiction. However, this is not always the case, as many are able to safely abstain from drinking or using for a few days so that they can rid their body of the substances before they go to inpatient long-term addiction treatment. In order to determine if a professional detox is needed at all, and if it is, whether an inpatient or an outpatient detox would be most effective for their situation, a doctor or addiction specialist at a treatment facility will need to make that decision with the patient. The considerations mainly include the severity of the addiction, the amount being used, and the substance being used.

Upon reaching out to Prosperity Haven in Ohio for addiction treatment, our counselors will assist you in determining whether you need a brief detox stay at a medical detox center before joining our program. While we do not provide medications to assist in the initial withdrawal, we do have a team of doctors and nurses on our team to assist with medications and prescriptions when appropriate and where a dedicated detox is not needed. In cases where medical detox is not necessary, we help clients who just recently stopped using substances feel comfortable and capable of managing their recovery.

In the event that detox is deemed necessary, we partner with quality inpatient detox centers in Ohio, and using our contacts direct the client there, arrange everything needed for him to stay there, and arrange for him to come back to our center after a few days of 24/7 medical supervision at the detox center.

Can I go home during my stay at Prosperity Haven Ohio?

Residential treatment for alcohol and drug addiction requires a long-term commitment to staying at the treatment facility. In order for this type of treatment to be effective, the patient must spend a prolonged amount of time immersed in the recovery process at the treatment center to be able to grow and heal internally consistently.

While family members and loved ones may visit our Ohio treatment center, and the clinical team may authorize a limited number of home visits during the final days of treatment if they deem them appropriate, the individual will remain in rehabilitation while in treatment.

Clients at residential rehabilitation in Prosperity Haven Ohio will stay focused on their recovery and inner development in a relaxed and peaceful environment, undistracted by the outside world, and in the presence of loving staff and the great camaraderie of newfound friends in recovery.

Visitation: What is Prosperity Haven’s visitor policy?

Family and friends (which are approved for visitation) can come visit a client on the designated visiting day weekly.

Do clients at Prosperity Haven ever leave the treatment center grounds?

Prosperity Haven promotes the idea of life enjoyment during recovery. As part of our program, we strive to retrain individuals to enjoy life and what the world provides, but in a wholesome way, and without substance highs.

Our substance treatment facility is located on a large private property, surrounded by nature, in rural Ohio. We regularly enjoy various outdoor activities and sports on-site. Additionally, due to the limited number of individuals accepted into our program at a given time, we can hop off often on day trips to different fun activities. These include a weekly day at the local Y for swimming and sports, trips to the beach, Himalayan salt caves, bowling, arcades, and restaurants among others.

How many guys are treated at the Ohio rehab center at once?

We accept no more than 9 men into our residential treatment program at once. This allows us to give our fullest attention to our clients, and to provide highly tailored treatments to each individual and group in a warm environment.

PTSD, Trauma rehabilitation: Do you treat Co-occurring mental/emotional health issues, such as PTSD, trauma, anxiety etc.?

The centerpiece of our addiction treatment program in Ohio is the way we deal with the underlying issues that can be causing an addiction, also known as dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. As part of our holistic approach to recovery, we dedicate most of our energy and time during treatment towards helping identify, understand and resolve the causes for an individual’s substance addiction. We know people aren’t looking to be bad or self-destructive, and they are hurting or suffering with often complex internal pains or struggles, and we seek to address those.

The satisfaction of our clients and our incredible success at leading them into long-term recovery and change, is a direct result of our focus on healing from the inside and out. We have extensive experience treating addiction causes such as trauma, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, and other factors.

Treatment methods: Which Addiction treatments and therapies do you use? Is this an AA program?

Prosperity Haven is not an AA program, though we do incorporate many of the AA principles into our treatment and therapies as needed. The therapies and techniques used by our staff are much more comprehensive and advanced than just AA or 12 steps. We make use of a wide array of cutting edge therapies used by the most sophisticated treatment programs to bring about recovery. We create unique and tailored treatment plans for each individual’s needs, using the therapies which work best for him. 

Some of our advanced therapies include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT); Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT); Internal Family Systems (IFS); Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST); Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Compassionate Inquiry (CI).

Our aftercare -sobriety maintenance program for our alumni groups does include more of the AA model. This is after they have already succeeded at breaking the addiction cycle, physically and emotionally, and learned how to use various tools and techniques to assist with recovery.

Do most men graduating from Prosperity Haven succeed at breaking through their addiction and staying sober and clean?

Due to our unique treatment model, Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Center of Ohio has one of the highest recovery success rates in the entire Ohio region. A recent alumni check-in with dozens of our alumni showed an incredible 85% success rate for long-term sobriety – a much higher rate than average for substance addiction rehabs. We believe that anyone truly willing to kick their addiction can succeed if only provided the right tools and guidance.

Does Prosperity Haven deal with tough cases of long-term, severe addiction and behavioral problems?

We have been fortunate to be able to facilitate the recovery of some severely addicted individuals. Our staff fondly remember some of the “hard cases” and the way they appeared and reacted during the first few days, only to “graduate” a month and a half later as a calm and completely transformed person eager to go back to their family with their head held high. 

This is largely due to the amazing team at Prosperity Haven and their focus on comprehensive and thorough personalized recovery. In our friendly, positive environment men begin to thrive as they learn to stop their self-loathing, adjust their self-image, and learn that they actually can control their lives.

Residential, dual-diagnosis care is uniquely suited for this purpose as it provides a safe, supportive, and healing environment for individuals to focus on their own wellbeing. It allows them to take the time to process and learn from their experiences, with the help of professionals, and develop the skills they need to live a healthier and more productive life. 

Which insurances do you accept, and is there an option for self-pay?

Prosperity Haven accepts most private/commercial or employer based insurances. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. Some of the insurances we accept include: UMR, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual, Cigna, UHC, among others. You can always call our helpful admissions staff for any inquiries. 

We also offer a self-pay option, which allows you to pay for the cost of your treatment out-of-pocket. This can be used to cover the entire cost or a part of it which isn’t covered by your insurance. We work with each person and his finances individually to find a price and payment agreement which works for them, offering very reasonable payment plans which can make it easier to commit to paying off the costs over a longer period of time. Call to discuss your options.

What should I tell family and friends about my going off to an extended stay at addiction rehab?

Obviously, everyone has a different situation when it comes to their social circle and how it can affect their feelings about going to an addiction treatment center. Many find that most people in their life are so accepting and happy for them upon learning that you are going to spend time away to try to put an end to a destructive habit and to get yourself to a better place. Most people understand that and even show respect and appreciation for the courage and hope which one shows by dedicating themselves to getting better.

In situations where it is feared that the full truth about the addiction and treatment may for whatever reason be too painful or embarrassing for some, or may affect a job, position or the like, it may be possible to explain it away as an “emotional wellness reboot”, a “life coaching program”, “health related matter”, or “health related absence” among other similar ideas.

Whatever your situation might be, remember, it is your life and future which is the most important to you. All the reactions are negligible compared to the long term benefits of regaining your life. Additionally, people naturally tend to overlook the fact that their behavior is noted and observed by most people who come in contact with them, and others most likely already picked up on something amiss since the addiction became a problem. Also consider the strong possibility that the addiction can often devolve and lead to even more embarrassing revelations and situations if left untreated.

Smoking policy at the Ohio addiction rehab of Prosperity Haven:

We allow smoking tobacco and certain e-cigs in designated spaces on our grounds. Of course, the cigarettes need to come into our facility only in new unopened packages, and e-cigs and cartridges need to be new in the box, with a pre-check by our staff.

What is the food like at Prosperity Haven?

We provide a combination of restaurant bought food with home-made meals for our clients. We have a full on-site kitchen dedicated for use by our clients and we encourage them to make use of it to create whatever meals they want. We often order in from various local eateries and diners at our clients’ requests, and in order to keep things fun and interesting. As a smaller program we are able to be highly flexible with meals and menus, and we accommodate our clients’ preferences and needs. 

Does Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Center serve clients outside of Ohio and help with travel?

Yes, Prosperity Haven Ohio has much experience in facilitating the arrival and return of men wishing to join our Ohio drug and alcohol treatment program from out-of-state. We will help guide you through the entire process and also aid with the transportation where applicable. Please reach out to our skilled staff and we will explain the process to you and begin making the arrangements for your arrival. 


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