Prosperity Haven

COVID-19 Update

Being a healthcare facility during these uncertain times means that we are often times on the front lines for many who are still suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. In many cases these ailments can pose even more risk than COVID 19 (aka Coronavirus). We have decided to implement extra precaution, procedures and monitoring throughout each and every day during this.

Our top priority is client and staff safety. We have implemented procedures for proper social distancing and continually encourage and remind everyone to avoid common daily interactions amongst people in recovery (i.e. hugs and handshakes.) Continual and proper hand washing is mandatory. Other necessary items such as hand sanitizer will be readily available at all times.

Our admissions staff will remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During admissions calls, extra care will be taken to ensure that additional screening is performed prior to intake to our facility.

We will continue to monitor both staff and clients daily for any signs of illness. In the event that a person presents any sign of illness, a plan is in place to assist the individual with following the proper CDC rules and guidelines. Additional steps are being taken to ensure that we fully understand any and all travel that has occurred by each staff and client recently.

In addition to our already high level of cleaning and hygiene of our facility, additional cleaning and disinfecting is taking place daily in order to approach this crisis with an abundance of caution.

All therapy sessions will be performed via Telehealth

UPDATE 4/11/2020:

A Direct Message from Janet Greco, Director of Prosperity Haven:

We have implemented telehealth, so our clients are able to talk to our nurse practitioner and doctor at almost anytime. It is very convenient and they are very relieved to be able to keep their weekly visits with them.  With the Covid-19 pandemic and the stay at home order, we have educated our staff and clients on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. We will continue to educate, update and remind them as we learn more about this pandemic everyday. Anyone that is entering the facility is met in the garage, has their temperature taken and is asked a series of questions regarding Covid-19 symptoms. They are then offered hand sanitizer and also asked to wash their hands with soap and water upon entering. The staff has doubled, if not tripled, our cleaning and disinfecting routine.  We are still able to offer our clients local outside AA and NA meetings virtually which have been accepted quite well.  Our facility is also located very close to many beautiful scenic parks with hiking trails and outdoor facilities that our group therapy can be held at, so we are not violating any Covid-19 orders yet getting scenic and nature therapy. Our facility is located on 7 beautiful acres and we offer many outdoor activities there as well. We also have regular bonfire “socials ” in the evenings. We are taking many precautions to keep our clients and staff safe and healthy yet not letting Covid-19 interfere with their recovery.

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