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Drug and alcohol abuse treatment for veterans

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Rehab for Veterans at Prosperity Haven

If you’re a veteran battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, know you’re not alone. Start your recovery at a uniquely tailored veteran’s rehab. With years of experience treating honorable U.S. veterans with our acclaimed dual-diagnosis addiction recovery veteran rehabilitation program, we service veterans in a male-only environment through the VA’s CCN program. With some of our favorite staff being U.S. veterans themselves, all veterans claim a unique place in the heart of the entire leadership team and with the on-site staff at Prosperity Haven of Ohio.

Please note that Prosperity Haven can only accept veterans accessing treatment through the VA’s CCN program. To learn more about how to access care through the VACCN, please read this page in its entirety.

How Prosperity Haven Helps Veterans with Substance Abuse

Our drug rehab for veterans is designed to treat a limited group of men at a time, with highly individualized and personal addiction care. Our veteran’s substance abuse programs aim towards designing a unique treatment plan for each client as per his addiction and background. We focus on dual diagnosis (co-occurring) substance addiction and mental/emotional health treatment, including extensive trauma care.

Our VACCN drug rehab includes advanced therapy models and treatment techniques that enable us to reach the true self of every individual and bring him to a solid, lasting place of inner peace and healing.

We uncover root causes and address unique life struggles contributing to the addiction. This, as well as preparing for life post-rehab well in advance, are trademarks of Prosperity Haven’s successful VACCN substance abuse programs.

Become part of a strong brotherhood of men working together toward recovery and reclaiming their lives in the aftermath of their service. Find your true “You” and learn how to be your best self regardless of your military or personal past, and what life continues to throw at you.

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How Prosperity Haven Helps Veterans with Alcohol Abuse

VACCN alcohol rehab is tailored to suit ex-military experiences to be effective. Luckily for veterans, Prosperity Haven has one of the highest success rates in the entire region, with a close to 90% long-term sobriety recovery rate.

Alcoholism in the military is famous for producing alcoholism out of the military. For people who need the assistance of alcohol at an extreme period in their lives, alcohol rehab programs for veterans are the keys to recovering the good life you deserve.

Our advanced therapy model and treatments are perfect for the dual diagnosis of emotional struggles from serving in the military and alcohol addiction. Our alcohol rehab for those actively in the military and veterans is designed to work.

A guy is doing yoga.Holistic Addiction Treatment Therapy in Chardon

Our licensed clinical team will work together to be a guide and resource for the different holistic-based therapies we offer, which are mixed with our evidence-based therapies to help you heal during recovery. You will participate in activities such as mindfulness exercises, nature meditation, and sensory hikes. Read more about each of the following therapies below:

  • Mindfulness Exercises: Mindfulness means being fully present in the moment and being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and surroundings. Mindfulness exercises help you to relieve stress and give you a chance to free your mind of negative thoughts.

  • Nature Meditation: Nature meditation is a great way to improve your mental health. Benefits of outdoor meditation include lower levels of stress and anxiety, improvement to your mood, increased focus, and a greater feeling of energy and regeneration.

  • Sensory Hikes: Although both sensory hikes and nature meditation help you renew your energy, focus, and mindfulness, sensory hikes are more active, and you’ll be taking in your surroundings through smell, touch, sight, and hearing.

What Are My Rehab Options as a Veteran?

There are a variety of treatment options that exist. What will help each patient the most will depend on two things:

How bad their addiction is

What their civilian life is like besides their addiction

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Inpatient Rehab For Veterans

VACCN inpatient rehab requires the patient to live full-time in a medical facility for their entire treatment. They will have access to the medical resources to address severe symptoms and complications that may arise during their recovery, making our inpatient program well-suited to patients with co-occurring issues. The second benefit for a veteran in inpatient rehab is that they are in a stable and supportive environment, which they may not have had outside.

PHP As Rehab For Veterans

Partial Hospitalization Plans provide intensive, daily treatment for individuals who need it while allowing them to continue to live at home. Addiction treatment for veterans with dual diagnoses can work well if there is a stable, supportive home life to balance recovery with.

Telehealth Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient Rehab For Veterans

Milder cases of veteran substance abuse can be treated with only a few hours a week of visiting healthcare professionals. When a veteran is also adjusting well to civilian life and does not have a complicated addiction or diagnosis, this option is highly effective.

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Group Rehab For Veterans

Group therapy sessions can be extremely helpful, especially for people who can benefit from their shared experiences and similar challenges. Since many veterans may feel they have a shared background and trauma, this can be a great form of ‘mild’ post-military rehab for those who don’t need access to formal medical treatment.

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Individual Rehab For Veterans

Individual therapy sessions work somewhat differently from group sessions. The patient is not required to participate in any medical program but has one-on-one, focused sessions with a professional to work through the causes and stimuli for their addiction, as well as learn how better to handle them in the future.

What Addiction Recovery Rehab for Veterans Looks Like

There are three main stages of substance abuse programs:


Detoxification (detox)


During the intake stage, a patient is medically assessed. Once it is known how severe their addiction is and what complications there may be, a more specific, personalized VACCN addiction treatment plan can be arranged.

Substance abuse causes the user to become physically dependent on their addictive substances. Their body needs to adjust to existing without it while under careful medical supervision. Detoxification helps to avoid dangerous (and potentially lethal) withdrawal. 

Rehabilitation can only take place once the patient has finished detox. They can then proceed to change their behavior and choices and develop a stable, sober future. This is where any traumas or other root causes of their addiction can be addressed. During this stage, it is possible to leave a facility in favor of a veterans’ housing and recovery program.

Helping a friend on recovery

Why Choose A Veteran-Specific Rehab?

Military rehab centers exist because there is higher alcoholism in the military, as well as many other higher cases of substance abuse both within the military and amongst veterans.

Opting for a military drug rehab program has several advantages for veterans:

Holistic Therapies Icon

Substance abuse in veterans is often due to the same root causes as for other veterans and servicemen. Therefore, rehab programs specifically designed for veterans help to address these specific root causes. Treatment centers that specialize in PTSD, for example, are not as common in mainstream programs.

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Veterans often carry similar complications to one another, such as PTSD, or service-related psychological issues. They are also more likely to suffer from depression and risk of suicide, which specialized programs can be better prepared for.

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Veterans may need specialized rehabilitation due to other major disabilities resulting from their service. For example, chronic pain may still be an issue that an addiction to prescription painkillers must be balanced with (along with other, more severe physical problems).

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There are many other resources available to veterans that can be incorporated into the same program. A military rehab with experience in helping veterans will be more familiar with everything available to a patient trying to get back on their feet.

Insurance and Cost for VA Rehab

Approved as a VACCN rehab, Prosperity Haven is proud to provide much-needed drug and alcohol addiction treatment services to our U.S. veterans seeking high-quality addiction treatment outside of VA rehab centers.

Tailored to assist veterans, Prosperity Haven’s VACCN substance abuse programs are covered and paid for by the VA through CCN Optum insurance (according to the VA healthcare coverage regulations) once a veteran is approved by the VA as eligible for our service.

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Understanding the addiction recovery center community care process.

Our Veterans Rehab Center Facilities

Located in Chardon Ohio, enjoy our state-of-the-art, private VACCN rehab center. Surrounded by picturesque parks and hiking trails, natural and manmade beauty, eateries, gardens, memorials, and museums, there’s plenty to offer for a healthier, happier, sober life in recovery.

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Individual Rehab

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Two men are laughing on a basketball court.Recreational and Exercise Therapy

One of the many negative effects that substance abuse can have on a person is the toll it takes on the body. During your treatment, we encourage you to exercise and stay active so you can regain your strength, manage your stress, and develop a healthy exercise routine. 

You’ll be able to participate in off-site activities such as hiking one of the many nearby trails, taking trips to the YMCA, and even playing paintball at a nearby facility. Our rehab center sits on 7.5 acres in Chardon, OH, in a serene, natural environment, perfect for providing the quiet time necessary to focus on yourself and all aspects of your recovery. You can also get a good workout in our gym or play a game of disc golf or horseshoes with other residents in our large, open backyard.

Besides these activities and opportunities for exercise, we know that your physical health is closely tied with what you eat, which means that nutrition is incredibly important during drug and alcohol rehab. At Prosperity Haven, you have access to nutritional resources and healthy meals. Our kitchen is always open, and we encourage you to practice your culinary skills so you can enjoy the same level of healthy eating when you’re back to living on your own.

FAQS About CCN Veteran Substance Abuse Treatment

Prosperity Haven’s addiction treatment center of Ohio is proud to announce that we are now an approved Treatment Center for veterans seeking care through the VA CCN. After Recently undergoing a thorough review and survey, the VA has found Prosperity Haven’s program to be of the highest standard and appropriate for the care of our veterans. Veterans now seeking an addiction treatment center that is part of the VA’s network of community providers aka the CCN can make use of Prosperity Haven’s superb inpatient substance addiction treatment program.

In the words of the VA, “VA provides health care for veterans from providers in your local community outside of VA. Veterans may be eligible to receive care from a community provider when VA cannot provide the care needed. This care is provided on behalf of and paid for by VA.” In essence, the VA Community Care Network (CCN) is the VA’s connection with local community providers of healthcare, ensuring that all veterans in the US receive high-quality care in a timely fashion.

Previously veterans looking to find addiction treatment near them through the VA may have had to turn to a facility located at a great distance from them or were required to wait longer until they were able to access addiction care. They were also often forced to seek substance rehabilitation at whatever drug or alcohol rehab the VA provided, regardless of their quality and capabilities.

The VA CCN – often referred to as the VACCN, recently changed that, allowing veterans to access quality healthcare promptly through a network of non-VA facilities and providers who are still approved to provide care for veterans in certain situations and are covered by the VA’s insurance. The U.S. is divided by the VA into five regional networks, with different insurance companies responsible for the care of veterans in their region seeking care with CCN.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, the provider that contracts with the VA and that administers the non-VA medical center health care for veterans is Optum (Optum Serve, OPSS).

VA CCN Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

According to VA policies, veterans may be eligible for care through a provider in their local community depending on their healthcare needs or circumstances and if they meet specific eligibility criteria. Your care team at the VA can help you understand your options and help determine if you are eligible for VA rehab through a local Drug and alcohol rehab approved for veterans.

Some of the criteria or circumstances that allow for a veteran to find a VA CCN rehab program for veterans covered by the VA include:

– Substance Detox For A Veteran Living Nearby

One of the criteria is If the VA is unable to schedule an appointment or admissions to an addiction center located within an average standard driving time of 30 minutes or less from the veteran seeking outpatient addiction treatment’s home.

So for example, if a veteran needs drug or alcohol detox, or IOP outpatient substance addiction treatment, and the nearest VA substance addiction rehab is located more than a 30-minute (average) drive away from him, then the Veteran Affairs is required by law to provide that veteran with the option of going to any drug or alcohol detox program or outpatient program approved for veterans that is closer to them.

– Substance Inpatient Rehab For A Veteran Living Nearby

For Inpatient or residential substance rehabilitation for veterans, the VA rule is a little different. Only veterans without a VA inpatient drug and alcohol rehab within an hour (average) drive of them can access residential/inpatient addiction treatment centers outside the VA and get approved by them for veteran addiction treatment.

– Full Continuum: Detox, Inpatient, Outpatient Rehab For Local Veterans

Some instances require individual rule clarification from the local VA. For example, a veteran seeking a continuum of care at one facility; in other words, he or she is looking to begin with detox and then join the residential substance addiction treatment program there immediately after completing drug or alcohol detox.

Similarly, this applies in a case where the veteran is looking to join a certain inpatient drug or alcohol rehab and continue afterward into their PHP or outpatient addiction recovery programs as they complete their addiction treatment. These are cases in which the VA care team working on the veteran’s case will decide whether to consider the veteran’s care applicable to the 30-minute or 60-minute criteria for CCN providers.

– Veterans’ Rights: Quality Veteran Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Not Available At The VA

Another key factor that can determine eligibility for turning to a CCN-approved treatment center outside of the VA, is if it is in the veterans’ best medical interest. The basic idea of this rule is that if the veteran and the referring VA clinician agree that it is in the best medical opinion to see a community provider rather than a VA facility, then the veteran may be eligible to have their care covered even outside of the VA at a VA CCN treatment center.

While this provision is not as clear-cut and allows for the VA’s discretion in deciding whether to approve any claim of the VA being unable to offer the appropriate quality of care, it may provide an opening for a veteran to be able to access a high-quality addiction treatment program which has a proven track record of bringing lasting change in clients.

Yes, veterans can obtain drug or alcohol rehab without insurance. As long as you are registered with the VA, and you get their permission to go to a non-VA treatment center or rehab that is approved to serve veterans as part of the Community Care Network, then you are okay. The VA is required by law to pay for a veteran’s addiction rehabilitation at a non-VA rehab under certain circumstances, including the availability of substance treatment nearby, or a special need for unique or better quality addiction care.

So for example, a veteran who has already tried addiction treatment at a VA addiction treatment center but has repeatedly been unable to find lasting success and sobriety there, may then be able to ask the VA for permission to be covered at another program. They’d be asking to join a unique drug and alcohol treatment center with a record of providing individualized and thorough addiction and mental health dual diagnosis treatment or some other unique program that would help the veteran in their addiction struggle.

Another example would be a veteran who is determined in need of advanced addiction recovery techniques or therapies not provided at his local VA rehab facility. These would include Biofeedback, massage therapy, or advanced relaxation techniques, to name a few. These are known as (CIHS) health services. They may then be eligible to explore another local Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center which offers advanced and holistic therapies and techniques to assist in PTSD or other emotional/mental health underlying issues contributing to a substance abuse problem that has not responded to traditional or basic addiction treatment.

The next step is scheduling a pre-screen or admission to a VA CCN rehab center. VA staff can refer veterans directly to community providers and also schedule community care appointments for veterans through the local VA medical facility.

Alternatively, veterans can also choose to schedule their own appointment and then inform a VA staff member, or schedule with support from local VA staff.

For veterans in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Optum serves as the regional administrator for services provided to veterans through CCN.

For a clear step-by-step guide of the VA CCN process to apply for local substance treatment, see the VA’s care process graph features in this post.

Call The Community Care Contact Center At

877-881-7618 Monday–Friday, 8 A.M.–9 P.M. ET

For All Your Questions Regarding The VA CCN Program

Prosperity Haven’s Addiction And Mental Health Treatment For Veterans In Ohio And PA

Reach out to Prosperity Haven to join our premier drug and alcohol rehab at our home-like facility, located on a large spacious, and private property. Become part of a strong brotherhood of men working together on recovery and reclaiming their lives. Find your true “You” through private as well as group therapy and life coaching sessions involving the most advanced and powerful recovery tools. Learn how to be your best self regardless of your past or what life continues to throw at you.

Join Prosperity Haven and attain lasting recovery and the promise of hope. You deserve it. Your country owes it to you.