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At Prosperity Haven, we believe one of the best ways to fight addiction is by understanding your opponent. That’s why we’re committed to educating our community and providing resources so that you can arm yourself against substance abuse with knowledge. Our blog features articles on various topics related to addiction recovery, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment strategies, tools and techniques, support systems, and much more.

Four smiling men with arms around each other, standing on a balcony in Cleveland with a scenic background.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Lasting sobriety is possible for everyone, yet relapse rates are as high as 50 percent within the first twelve weeks of completing treatment. Attending a gender-specific treatment program like Prosperity Haven can be a game-changer, increasing your chances of attaining long-term sobriety. Read on to find out more about the benefits of gender-specific treatment. What is Gender-Specific Treatment? Gender-specific rehab involves only same-gender participants. It includes the same stages as a regular rehab program – detox, inpatient, …
A concerened man sitting on a couch considering his next steps to addiciton recovery.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab For Men & Their Unique Addiction Challenges

Alcohol & Drug Rehab For Men & Their Unique Addiction Challenges October 30, 2023 Addiction Treatment By: Shim Stregosky Reviewed by: Kathryn Dann, LSW MSW Fighting an addiction is a tough battle, regardless of your gender. However, the truth is that men and women have different struggles when it comes to drugs and alcohol. This is not to say that substance abuse disorder is easier or more difficult for people of certain genders — the experiences are simply different. And …
A blue background with a PTSD word cloud.

PTSD and Addiction – How To Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment

PTSD and Addiction – How To Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment May 15, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment PTSD and addiction unfortunately often go hand in hand. People who seek treatment for PTSD are fourteen times more likely to be diagnosed with a substance use disorder. And those with addiction problems are more likely than the general population to be retraumatized, due to the lifestyle that addicted people often have. What’s more, treatment for both of these disorders can be more …
Court order for men's only rehab treatment with a gavel on top of a piece of paper.

Court Ordered Rehab

Court Ordered Rehab May 8, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Facing criminal charges related to drug or alcohol abuse can put a lot of strain on your personal life, career, and mental health. You might worry that you have to go to jail or that a record of criminal behavior may damage future job prospects. Either way, one of the best ways to overcome the challenges of a conviction is court mandated rehab. It may not sound ideal to everyone, …
A black and white sign with the word rehab in front of a sunset, promoting an outpatient program.

Inpatient Vs Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient Vs Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab April 24, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Even when you know you need to seek out drug or alcohol rehab, it’s not always easy to decide which path to take. Many people struggling with addiction try to rehabilitate alone or without the supervision of a medical professional, but this is an extremely dangerous approach. Not only is the risk of relapse very high, but the symptoms of withdrawal can be severe and even …
A doctor at an addiction recovery center holding up a tablet with the text fmla family medical leave act.

FMLA For Drug & Alcohol Rehab – Complete Guide

FMLA For Drug & Alcohol Rehab – Complete Guide April 10, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Facing addiction is difficult enough on its own, but it can be even more challenging to enter rehab without disrupting your daily life. Fortunately, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) makes it easier for working professionals to get time away from work for rehab with certain legal protections. In short, if you’re working and you need inpatient rehab, FMLA can make your life …

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