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At Prosperity Haven, we believe one of the best ways to fight addiction is by understanding your opponent. That’s why we’re committed to educating our community and providing resources so that you can arm yourself against substance abuse with knowledge. Our blog features articles on various topics related to addiction recovery, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment strategies, tools and techniques, support systems, and much more.

How Long Can You Stay in Long Term Residential Treatment?

Inpatient substance abuse treatment has proven to be one of the most effective ways for confronting a substance abuse problem head-on. During time in an inpatient facility, recovering addicts are not confronted by the pressures of the outside world and can devote themselves full-time to recovery. They aren’t in contact with old using pals, don’t have to face the damage from addiction all at once in an environment of temptation, and have full access to counselors and mental health professionals …
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What If You Never Feel Like You’ll Be Okay Leaving Long Term Residential Treatment?

Drug abuse and alcoholism can turn our lives upside down. For those who are fortunate enough to choose a different path before it’s too late, there is hope. Usually, that hope begins with a cry for help. Help for substance abuse can come in different forms. One of the more successful approaches is to begin with an addiction treatment program. Sometimes, a more intense level of treatment is recommended. When this is the case, residential inpatient programs are the best …
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Are Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers Equipped with ADA Facilities?

Those people who suffer from disabilities have a higher possibility of becoming addicted to illegal and dangerous substances. Individuals who experience these disabilities are typically grouped into the high-risk category for such substance abuse disorder because of the many factors that can include emotional and physical pain, continuous prescription medicines, and frequent social isolation. This tendency to become addicts means that many people with disabilities may wonder: Are alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers equipped with ADA facilities? We look at …
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How Can I Find Out if a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Is Friendly to Wheelchair Users?

Wheelchair user? Need drug or alcohol rehab? There are questions that you will need to be asking when finding the right substance abuse treatment center. Although all are mandated for government compliance for those with disabilities, some treatment centers may not be as wheelchair friendly as others. There may be differences between them, so doing your homework is valuable for finding the right facility as well as treatment plan. When calling a facility, there are certain questions that you can …
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Why Is My Spouse Demanding I Go to an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation remains the most intensive way for people suffering from substance abuse disorders to get help. They’re well-respected and shown to aid in the process of getting well. While this is generally agreed upon, people suffering from substance abuse disorders or who are on the cusp of a disorder that isn’t quite to a “clinical” juncture yet sometimes don’t realize there’s a problem. If you’re wondering why a spouse is asking you to go to alcohol and …
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Will I Have To Face All The Damage I Caused When I Go To An Alcoholic Rehab Facility?

You’ve made the important decision to enter rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, and you should be proud of the step you’ve already taken to once more create a quality life for yourself and for those around you. As you enter the process of rehabilitation, it will be important to know that you’ll likely face difficult emotions and have to face the mistakes you have made in order to truly heal. The recovery process; what does it entail? There are …
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