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At Prosperity Haven, we believe one of the best ways to fight addiction is by understanding your opponent. That’s why we’re committed to educating our community and providing resources so that you can arm yourself against substance abuse with knowledge. Our blog features articles on various topics related to addiction recovery, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment strategies, tools and techniques, support systems, and much more.

Kava and Kratom

KRATOM AND KAVA ADDICTION TREATMENT IN CLEVELAND, OH September 26, 2020 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment At Prosperity Haven, we believe that every form of addiction deserves an individualized treatment plan, even the lesser known varieties. That’s why we make a point to broaden our understanding of less common – yet still potentially addictive – substances, because it allows to incorporate new information into the treatment that we offer. Two unusual drug worth exploring are kratom and kava, which are naturally …
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Addiction and Relationships

HOW DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION AFFECTS RELATIONSHIPS September 26, 2020 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Addiction affects relationships in ways that are long-lasting, difficult to fix, and unique to each individual. The lies, anger, co-dependence, and other negative impacts that come from a substance use disorder can change every interpersonal dynamic in an addicted person’s life. So how does addiction affect others who care so much about their loved one?  This can be a tricky question to answer, since everyone has …
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How Opioid Abuse Became a Crisis

The Story of How Opioid Abuse Became A Crisis September 26, 2020 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment We’ve all heard the phrases “the opioid crisis” or “the opioid epidemic,” especially here in Ohio, where prescription opioids, heroin, and fentanyl have ravaged our communities for years. At Prosperity Haven, we believe that to be part of the solution, we have to understand the problem, and how to address the root causes. To tell this story, we’d like to lay out for you …
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The Most Common Dual Diagnosis Cleveland

Understanding and Treating the Most Common Co-Occurring Disorders in Cleveland October 6, 2020 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Mental illness and addiction often go hand-in-hand — so frequently, in fact, that most addiction treatment now also calls for therapy for co-occurring disorders (also called dual diagnoses). Nearly one third of all people with any mood disorder also have a substance use disorder (SUD). [1] Whether the mental illness leads to the SUD, or vice versa, they’re heavily linked. Below, you can …
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Adderall Abuse

ADDERALL ABUSE IN CLEVELAND: ARE COLLEGE STUDENTS AT RISK? September 26, 2020 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment In a world full of distractions, it can be harder than ever to concentrate. We often feel overloaded, overstimulated, and overwhelmed by the amount of information available to us. Then, when you add the pressure of college courses, internships, and post-graduation job hunting, it’s no wonder that many college students and young professionals have turned to drugs like Adderall to improve their focus and …
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Are There Substance Abuse Classes for Family Members of Addicts?

Substance abuse is traditionally thought of as a family disease. Like any other disease that besets a family member, substance abuse affects the daily lives of other people in a household as well, even those who abstain from all substances. Millions of families ever year find themselves embroiled in a tragic scenario whereby their loved one suffers from a substance abuse difficulty. Whether it’s opiate addiction or alcoholism, it takes a devastating toll on family mental and sometimes even physical …
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