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Will Drug Rehab Facilities Help Someone Who’s Currently Intoxicated?

Making the decision to enter a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction is a gigantic step for most addicts. The fear of expectations and the sudden requirement to make a drastic change fuels the reluctance people who abuse drugs and alcohol sometimes feel when considering taking the important step of getting clean. Prior to entering rehab clients often ask whether the treatment center will require them to stop using their substance of choice prior to entering treatment. Most drug and alcohol rehab centers expect incoming patients to come as they are. This includes their current practice of consuming drugs or alcohol.

Abusing Drugs or Alcohol Before Entering Rehab

Treatment centers understand most of their clients cannot easily stop abusing their substance of choice on their own. Therefore, clients will not be penalized if or treated negatively if they enter their program with drugs or alcohol in their system. Clients who worry their counselors and clinicians may pass judgment on their substance abuse need not be concerned. Addiction specialists understand the external triggers and physiological dependency that compel people to abuse substances to which they have become addicted. Not only are treatment facilities staffed by people who understand addiction, but people who work in treatment centers also know that quitting cold turkey may endanger their clients.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Facilities

Most drug treatment programs require people who have deeply-rooted addictions to first undergo detox at a facility that is specifically designed to support patients while their bodies eliminate all traces of drugs and alcohol. Patients at detox centers receive the mental, medical, and moral support they need to safely stop using their substance of choice. The staff at a detox center has the training and experience to monitor patients for potential medical complications and to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Avoiding Binging Before Going Into Rehab

Addicts often feel tempted to binge before entering a treatment program. Some feel like they have one last opportunity to experience good times while using their substance of choice. While treatment centers do not require clients to be clean when they enter their program, there are several reasons people who abuse drugs and alcohol should avoid binging prior to beginning rehab.

Binging is dangerous. Drug and alcohol abusers can never predict when they are on the brink of overdose. It may seem like one last hoorah will be just like every other time. However, that one last time can end an addict’s walk down the path of recovery before the journey really begins. Overdose is just one risk drug and alcohol abusers face. People who are intoxicated are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Going on an especially wild binge can exponentially increase that risk if the individual abuses a larger quantity of drugs, uses drugs from unknown sources, or invites other people who are not typically around. There is also always the risk of being arrested when abusing illegal drugs. The addict who purchases drugs for one last binge before rehab may derail his or her plans to start a new life if that transaction results in a run-in with law enforcement.

What Should An Addict Do Before Entering Rehab

When a person decides to enroll in a treatment program, there are certain steps he or she can take to prepare for the process. Those who have employment they plan to maintain should make arrangements to ensure they remain on good terms with their employer prior to entering treatment. Transferring responsibilities or formally making schedule modifications can allow the client to enter rehab with fewer concerns about disrupting his or her job situation. Clients should also spend time with friends and family members who support their decision to get clean. People who have children should do their best to prepare their child for the changes having a caregiver in rehab will bring to their regular routine. In addition to taking logistical steps to ease the transition into rehab, clients should also focus on hydrating, finding healthy, relaxing activities they enjoy like journaling, meditating, and exercising, eating a healthier diet.

The prospect of starting a new life free of drugs can easily seem overwhelming. People who will soon enter rehab should simply focus on maintaining their health and relaxing until their program begins. Call us today at (440) 253-9915 to learn more about steps you can take to prepare for a drug or alcohol addiction recovery program.