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Addiction Treatment

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Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Lasting sobriety is possible for everyone, yet relapse rates are as high as 50 percent within the first twelve weeks of completing treatment. Attending a gender-specific treatment program like Prosperity Haven can be a game-changer, increasing your chances of attaining long-term sobriety. Read on to find out more about the benefits of […]

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A man struggling with anxiety pushes a large rock, seeking relief through outpatient program or rehab treatment.

Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety and Addiction October 23, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment Mental health is intrinsically linked to substance abuse and addiction. While anxiety is not always a part of an underlying mental health issue (everyone feels anxious from time to time), it can be a cause or even a result of drug or alcohol abuse. The

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A man is holding a bottle of alcohol in front of a woman at a men's only rehab center.

My Boyfriend Is An Alcoholic – Helping an Alcoholic Boyfriend

My Boyfriend Is An Alcoholic – Helping an Alcoholic Boyfriend October 16, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment If you are dating an alcoholic boyfriend, the telltale signs of his addiction are usually there. You may choose to be in denial, because confronting the truth can be extremely difficult. However, ignoring reality won’t change anything. While

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A man's head with wooden blocks in it, showcasing the word "ADHD" as he seeks understanding and support from an addiction recovery center.

ADHD and Addiction

ADHD and Addiction September 25, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that approximately half of those who struggle with an addiction also suffer from a mental health disorder. In fact, it is very common for addicts to have co-occurring disorders. When someone has this dual diagnosis, an addiction problem

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A hand writing the word "bpd" on a transparent screen in an outpatient program.

BPD and Addiction

BPD and Addiction August 28, 2023 Prosperity Haven Addiction Treatment It is not uncommon to suffer from both borderline personality disorder and addiction at the same time. In fact, of the 2.7% of adults suffering from BPD, approximately 78% develop a substance abuse problem. Due to these alarmingly high odds, it is imperative to understand

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