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At Prosperity Haven, we believe one of the best ways to fight addiction is by understanding your opponent. That’s why we’re committed to educating our community and providing resources so that you can arm yourself against substance abuse with knowledge. Our blog features articles on various topics related to addiction recovery, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment strategies, tools and techniques, support systems, and much more.

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How Are the Success Rates of Different Alcohol Programs Evaluated?

As we campaign against substance abuse and addiction, in the same spirit should provide facts about the success rates in different alcohol programs that people might be eyeing. How reliable are alcohol addiction treatment programs across the state? While the fight against substance addiction has been taken seriously over the past few decades, and a majority of rehab centers have been certified, we do not have a standardized approach that measures their success rates. Various drug addiction treatment facilities measure …
Prosperity Haven helps people struggling with addiction find answers to how much does rehab cost

Can I Find an IOP Program Near Me if My Schedule Is Unpredictable?

This is a common question among people with unpredictable daily schedules. For such people, the selection of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can be a huge challenge. After all, they cannot take any time off their work, and they have a family to care for. Most of them will opt for individual therapists, but those who cannot afford one will forget about the treatment altogether. That should not happen. We are here to help you get an IOP program near …

Has Everyone in an Inpatient Treatment Center Hit Rock Bottom?

Uncertainties associated with addiction are enough to make the strongest people hide from help even when they know they need it. Drug addicts and alcoholics enter inpatient treatment centers at varying stages of addiction and life conditions, with some at rock bottom while others kept more of life together. However, the common denominator between everyone there is most important: They need each other and professional help to beat drugs or alcohol. No matter where you are in your substance abuse …
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How Can I Evaluate Substance Abuse Treatment Near Me When I Can’t Drive?

An unfortunate reality of the world today is that millions of people suffer from substance abuse challenges, with the numbers increasing every year. This necessitates thousands of people requiring some sort of substance abuse treatment, and thankfully, these facilities can rebuild and save lives. In an ideal world, someone who is in need of this assistance would have the opportunity to investigate a potential treatment facility, meet with their clinicians, tour their grounds and get a feel for what their …

What Are the Pros and Cons of Treatment Centers for Women Versus Coed?

According to U.S. government data from 2015, 3% of American women were suffering from a drug use disorder, while 10.4% were suffering from an alcohol use disorder; since then, the number of women struggling with alcohol and drug abuse has increased sharply. As a woman who may presently be in the midst of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may have considered a substance abuse treatment center that is just for women. There are many reasons to choose this …

Is an Addictions Center a Good Place to Look for Family Member Support Groups?

When someone you love is a victim of addiction, it affects every life that person touches. Family and friends struggle as well as they watch the downward spiral of substance abuse. Your main goal is to help in any way possible. In most cases. it won’t be possible to achieve recovery until a person struggling with substance abuse is willing to ask for help. A cry for help means more than offering someone a place to stay or money. It …

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