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At Prosperity Haven, we believe one of the best ways to fight addiction is by understanding your opponent. That’s why we’re committed to educating our community and providing resources so that you can arm yourself against substance abuse with knowledge. Our blog features articles on various topics related to addiction recovery, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment strategies, tools and techniques, support systems, and much more.

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How Can I Overcome the Trauma of My Parent’s Alcoholic Behavior to Support Them?

Growing up with a parent who has an alcohol use disorder or any other substance use or addictive disorder is emotionally challenging. You may have not received the emotional support you needed, been overly or wrongfully criticized, had to suffer from lacking needs and wants, having to care for your parents when you were still a child, enduring physical or verbal abuse, and the list goes on. Even though you may intellectually know that your parents have a disease, the …
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Will a Recovery Center Help Me if I Don’t Have a Permanent Address?

If a good portion of your life has been about drug and alcohol use, you may be realizing that you need help sooner than later. You know that you simply cannot go on using the way you have been without falling deeper and deeper into drug use. However, you may also not be too sure of what happens when you enter into a recovery center, and you don’t even know what the protocol is to get into one. Drug and …
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Do I Have to Be a Ohio Resident to Go to Rehab in Ohio?

While a great majority of America’s addiction treatment community might seem to be divided by state, the community, in fact, acts more like a large addiction treatment organization. That doesn’t mean they don’t compete for clients, they do. However, they also realize they have to stand together as the last line of defense against addiction illnesses that seek to destroy the fabric of American society. As a whole, here’s a general description of how addiction treatment centers serve addiction sufferers …
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Do I Need to Get a Doctor’s Evaluation Before Checking Into Alcohol Rehabilitation?

According to statistics, a significant number of Americans have abused alcohol at one point in their lives. Other reports show that rehab facilities admit a considerable number of individuals on an emergency basis as a result of failed alcohol detox and drug overdose. Although the final decision on whether or not you want to get admitted to an alcohol rehab entirely depends on you, some cases pen the final decision on a rehab facility or hospital in the case of …
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What Are Some Ways to Prevent Relapse During post-acute Withdrawals?

Post-acute withdrawals can develop in some people after the initial acute withdrawal period passes. From start to finish, PAWS can last anywhere from six months to two years. This means preventing relapse during post-acute withdrawals will require continued effort and a sense of self-awareness. While acute withdrawal symptoms are “acute” in the worst way, post-withdrawal tends to be less severe but no less threatening to your sobriety. Also known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome or PAWS, these symptoms come and go, …
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How Do I Find the Best Drug Rehab Centers for A Loved One?

Your loved one needs the very best treatment to begin their addiction recovery. Although there are many different rehab centers available, you will quickly begin to see that they all offer different benefits and drawbacks. As with any health care facility, you should also know that some rehabs are better than others simply because of the professionals who work within its walls. Your loved one’s decision on a rehab may also hinge upon factors such as whether or not they …
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