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Are There Addiction Treatment Options for Working Class People?

People from all walks of life spiral into alcohol, drug, and prescription pill addictions. Treatment options are vast, with high numbers of quality rehab centers and professionals committed to helping addicts overcome substance abuse. There are flexible, proven treatment centers for working-class people who need to stick to work schedules and budgets.

Planning, organization and support networks are necessary for working-class people to get the most out of addiction treatment options. Entrance to a 30-day inpatient, ongoing outpatient or sober house program does not remove an addict completely from the environment the addiction grew within. However, a strong rehab program can still help them beat their addiction so they become better at work, home, and life.

Keep Working and Treat Addiction At the Same Time

Chances are, your life may have fallen apart in many ways because of addiction, and losing your job could become the nail in the coffin. Consider the reality that extreme addiction can lead people to lose jobs, family, and their lives. It is scary to think about how you will find the time and money for treatment, but trust it will all work out and do not delay.

The most important success factors for working-class people in addiction programs are the flexibility to work their jobs and personalized plans from treatment centers. Most treatment facilities are used to this scenario and already prepared with strategies for it. You should consider the severity of your addiction and available time off work to choose one of the best common rehab options for working people.

  • 30-day inpatient programs are short enough that some employers may allow workers to take a leave of absence for them. They are also more affordable than 90-day programs.
  • Outpatient programs may have an initial weekend or week-long stay recommendation to support addicts through acute detox discomfort. Then clients keep up daily obligations such as withdrawal symptom treatment, addiction counseling, and support groups.
  • Sober houses give present and recovering addicts a quiet, therapeutic environment to rest away from bad influences and stress they could relapse from.

How To Work Treatment Into Work

Your drug rehab counselor will likely become your primary resource after healthcare workers help you through the early withdrawal stages. No matter what, keep appointments with your counselor. Counselors are there to motivate you to succeed as well as check for signs of use again, so you should never miss a session and reschedule immediately if work conflicts.

Expect reading materials, assignments such as journaling and fill-in workbooks in treatment options for working-class people. Professionals who work with this population know the value of flooding an addict’s mind with positive messages and reinforcement. The “homework” and education are also meant to overload your time so that you have none for your addiction.

Work Can Be Part of Treatment

It’s your call to decide if it is appropriate to tell your boss and co-workers about your treatment. You have the right to your privacy and can tell the rehab staff about your needs to be discreet, so they can work around your schedule. When you feel comfortable enough to confide in people at work, including bosses, you add more people to the support team.

If work social activities include alcohol or certain coworkers were drug buddies, you should avoid them for your mental health and addiction-free future. You will probably discover your work performance and interest in your job increase the more you recover from addiction. Like most addicts learn when they nix drugs and alcohol from their priorities, your paycheck will go much further when you are not paying for substances.

Working-class people are brave to seek addiction treatment because they do not have the luxury to go far away or disappear for long periods of time. It takes conviction, stamina, and willpower to change in the same environment or routine the problem grew in. Versatile treatment center programs are available so you do not have to choose between keeping your job or your addiction.

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