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Benefits of Drug Rehab For Men

Deciding to fight addiction takes tremendous courage. There are a lot of things to think about when considering where to go to rehab — the location, the amenities, and especially the programming. An important consideration is whether to choose a gender-specific treatment facility.

Prosperity Haven is a drug rehab for men exclusively because we believe this allows us to better focus on and support the unique needs of our male clients. A men’s addiction treatment program creates an environment where men feel free to share their experiences with peers whose circumstances closely match their own.

Here are the top four benefits that all male drug and alcohol treatment centers provide:


Understanding the specific challenges faced by men suffering from addiction highlights the importance of male-specific treatment. Men are more at risk than women to suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction. Men experience higher rates of substance abuse and are more likely to take part in dangerous habits like frequent binge drinking. They start using drugs and alcohol at younger ages than women and are more likely to develop a substance abuse disorder. According to the SAMHSA 2022 National Survey, 20% of males suffer from a substance use disorder, compared to 14.7% of females.

There are various reasons for the higher addiction risk rates facing men. Biological factors, environmental factors, and histories of trauma may contribute to high addiction rates among men. Specifically targeted men’s substance abuse treatment programs like Prosperity Haven address these factors, making us a better resource for the men who trust us in their recovery.


It’s easy to understand why mixing men and women in rehab can be a source of distraction. Having people of opposite sexes share facilities places emphasis on social dynamics. Women and men in recovery need to focus on working on themselves and unpacking their addictions with minimum interference. 

All-male rehab centers remove gender-focused sources of conflict, distraction, and jealousy, allowing clients to fully concentrate on recovery.

All-male Addiction Rehab


Addiction rehab is a time to examine the thoughts, feelings, and motivations that led people to this low point in their lives. This is a time for breakthroughs, where people in rehab are encouraged to be vulnerable without judgment.

While a mixed-sex treatment space doesn’t necessarily mean that people who share will be judged, it does increase the chance that some people won’t be able to effectively empathize with another’s perspective. Additionally, most men feel more inhibited from sharing their feelings in group therapy when women are present. In male drug rehab, men are more likely to let their guard down and share their feelings about their interpersonal relationships, their sense of self-worth, and much more. Men are less likely to feel judged by their vulnerability, and that is a huge advantage of a men’s addiction rehab facility.


While the world is becoming more progressive and fluid, there’s still an innate strength in forming a fraternal “brotherhood” in tight-knit communities. One of the biggest pros of drug rehab for men is the strong formation of a lifelong brotherhood. As men in recovery share their experiences, they better relate to each other and develop powerful bonds with their peers.

Men only alcohol rehab or drug rehab creates a support structure built of similar types of people who understand what you’re going through. You are free to show weakness. You are free to show that you’re not in control. Men’s addiction rehab gives you a sturdy foundation on which to go forth into recovery and the rest of your life.

Drug Rehab for Men at Prosperity Haven

For many, a men’s rehab provides a sense of comfort that just isn’t present in a mixed community.  

At Prosperity Haven, we use a combination of evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies to explore our clients’ needs in small, all-male groups. Treatment is similar to a mixed-gender rehab, following a step-down approach through detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, outpatient programming, and supportive aftercare. However, recovery plans are tailored for men like you, taking into account male-specific challenges, physiology, and emotions. 

To learn more about how our men’s addiction treatment program in Ohio can help you or a loved one find lasting sobriety, contact Prosperity Haven.

FAQ's About Drug Rehab for Men

Prosperity Haven treats up to 9 men at a time. We prioritize giving each client our focused attention and individualized treatment.

We incorporate a wide range of evidence-based therapies, such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, and more. Prosperity Haven also utilizes a holistic approach to men’s substance abuse treatment through yoga, mindfulness exercises, and group sensory hikes.

Prosperity Haven takes pride in our 85% success rate for long-term sobriety. We truly believe that every person can lead a life free of addiction.

The cost of rehab for men depends on the specifics of your health insurance plan. Read about our admissions and insurance verification process or contact Prosperity Haven for more information and assistance.