Relapse Prevention

Identifying and Avoiding Relapse Triggers - Prosperity Haven

Identifying & Avoiding Relapse Triggers

A 2016 report from the Surgeon General states that one in seven Americans will struggle with addiction. Of those who seek recovery, up to 60% will relapse within a year. While relapse is not the end of the journey, successfully avoiding relapse is always the desired option. Being mindful of some of the factors which

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The Post-Rehab Challenges of Living Sober - Prosperity Haven

The Post-Rehab Challenges of Living Sober

Rehabilitation provides a supportive environment of comfort and safety. This makes it easier for individuals battling addiction who want to achieve sobriety. Making sobriety last for the long-term is more difficult once a person leaves the rehab setting, since you leave behind the foundations, tools and surroundings that you needed to cope with and heal

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