Challenges to Staying Sober After Rehab

Challenges to Staying Sober After Rehab

After your stay in a treatment centers in Ohio, you need guidance. Getting sober is a huge accomplishment, but staying sober is the next challenge. You need to set goals and create new habits. Rehab is a controlled living environment that promotes stability and safety. That environment makes it easier for someone struggling with addiction to stay sober. But, then you get out. Moving out of rehabs in Ohio can be a very exciting time, but it may also bring challenges. You will need to learn how to cope with a sober lifestyle. Fortunately, you will have the tools after you leave the rehabs in Ohio to avoid and manage temptation triggers. This makes it easier to stay sober.

Facing Temptations After Rehab

The move from a stable environment back to normal living can be hard. After leaving rehabs in Ohio, you will be in difficult situations, or situations that can trigger the thought of going back to addiction. If you can, do not return to your old neighborhood, do not see old friends or family members that have addiction problems. Do not put your self into certain situations that cause emotions that may tempt you to go back to addiction.

There are specific things you can do to avoid these temptations in your daily life after rehabs in Ohio:

  • Find a solid support group or system. Surround yourself with sober individuals who have your back and want to help you be successful. Find a support group after rehab Cleveland Ohio, or even someone you can call when you need to. Change your environment. Before returning home from rehabs in Ohio, ask someone you trust to remove any items from your house related to your previous addiction. Avoid places of addiction.
  • Set goals for yourself. When you set goals, it will be easier to resist your temptations. You want to stay sober and gain all the benefits that staying sober will bring to your life.
  • Keep your commitments to post treatment. If you’ve scheduled appointments with your treatment centers in Ohio, keep these appointments. You may want to skip them, or think that you can make it on your own, but trust the treatment process. Those professionals have had much experience in dealing with your addiction and they know what you are going through.
  • Create good habits to replace the old ones. We have all heard that it takes more than two months before a new habit becomes solidified.  Get new, positive habits you enjoy doing do them. Get into the habit of doing sober activities. Replacing old habits with new ones is critical during your process.

Some Examples of New Habits to Explore

  • Exercise
  • Plant a garden
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • School or an online course
  • Learn a new language
  • Become a support group leader
  • Volunteer
  • Get involved in civic activities

If you are not on the road to recovery, we can help you begin the treatment process at Prosperity Haven.


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