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Healthy Ways to Reward Yourself in Recovery


You deserve a reward. Seriously! Whether you’ve tackled one of life’s many challenges or met a milestone in your sobriety, you’ve been working hard, and you deserve some recognition.

But how you treat yourself has to be different now. Before getting sober, you may have “rewarded” yourself with drugs or drinking. Now that you’re in recovery, you need a better option.

At Prosperity Haven, we want to help you learn to celebrate responsibly, and we’ve shared below some ideas that work for our alumni when it’s time for them to live it up!

Treat Yourself to a Nice Meal

For people of all walks of life, food is a major motivator. But we recommend scaling your food reward to you accomplishment. For example, after a long day, make an extra-nice meal or spare yourself the work by treating yourself to takeout. But for a work promotion or completing a big project at home, you deserve a sit-down dinner somewhere nice!

Get Yourself a Small Gift

Everyone’s finances are different, but it doesn’t have to be a big occasion to spend some spare money on something you’ve had your eye on, but wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. Get something big done? Just having an especially rough day? Get a new utensil to help yourself in the kitchen or that nice shirt you can’t stop thinking about.

Spend Time with a Friend

When you’ve done something worth celebrating, it’s natural to want to share that with someone. The good news is: people would love to join you! Let a friend or some friends know that you’d love to see a movie, go bowling, take a hike, or find some other way to share in your accomplishment. Figure out how you’re splitting the bill and get to enjoying their company!


Start a Celebration Savings Account

If you’re into bigger rewards, set aside some money each time you accomplish something, overcome a challenge, or want to reward yourself for a hard day. Whether you store a set amount or change every deposit, make sure to leave a note to yourself about what it’s for! Give yourself a deadline or savings goal, and when you hit it, use the money on something big: a trip, electronics, you name it. And make sure to go back over the list of deposits — which is now a list of accomplishments!

Take Care of Yourself

Light a candle or two and soak away your cares in the warm sensations of a bubble bath. Schedule a massage to knead out any tension you’ve built up and feel more refreshed than ever. Head outdoors, look up at the stars, and feel peace. Think of little luxuries that bring you relaxation and joy, and get to pampering yourself. It’s not just a good reward: it’s good for your spirit.

Find Joy in Recovery with Prosperity Haven

It’s important to remember that your happiness is valuable for its own sake, and you need to be able to keep yourself happy with things that are sustainable, enjoyable, and healthy. We know it can be tricky to find rewards that work for you, and to dole them out in moderation — what’s why at Prosperity Haven, we’ll help you find rewards that work for your life.

Prosperity Haven is an all-male rehabilitation facility in northeast Ohio. We use evidence-based and holistic therapies that set our clients up for sustained success in post-rehabilitation recovery. Our care allows clients to work on their sobriety at their own pace. We’ll help you find ways to celebrate, without resorting to drugs or alcohol, through compassionate, personalized care.

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