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How Are the Success Rates of Different Alcohol Programs Evaluated?

As we campaign against substance abuse and addiction, in the same spirit should provide facts about the success rates in different alcohol programs that people might be eyeing. How reliable are alcohol addiction treatment programs across the state? While the fight against substance addiction has been taken seriously over the past few decades, and a majority of rehab centers have been certified, we do not have a standardized approach that measures their success rates.

Various drug addiction treatment facilities measure success rates using the number of patients who’ve relapsed and those who enjoy long-term sobriety after treatment. Others assess the number of victims the facility can reach and how they deliver comprehensive treatment programs. We will take a more in-depth look into ways taken up by various treatment programs when gauging success rates.

Systematic treatment processes

In general, addiction treatment centers have systematic programs that increase your chances of recovery and long-term sobriety. Your prospective rehab center should recommend starting the process with detoxification and later advancing to recovery. Alcohol abuse treatment should treat physical symptoms first, related to both underlying conditions and alcohol addiction habit. Once the withdrawal symptoms subside and your body’s functionality is back to normal, you will proceed with therapy best suited for your case.

Recovered rates vs. relapse rates

Although we can’t blame rehab centers entirely for the relapsed cases, this ratio will shine a light on the quality of addiction treatment programs the facility offers. Normally, detox and therapy strengthen and equip you with skills on how to cope with enabling factors, temptations, and triggers. If you receive quality counseling, your chances of enjoying long-life sobriety will increase consequently. Of course, patients pay a critical role in ensuring a full recovery.

Offering various treatment dynamics at personalized approaches

No one addiction treatment fits all. The success rates of a treatment recovery center will shoot if victims receive a wide variety of treatment methods at personalized approaches. Various treatment methods include sponsor programs, individual therapy sessions, family counseling, group therapy sessions, useful retreat programs, and after-care programs. Does your potential rehab feature all these treatment modes? The success rates of treatments are likely to confirm their effectiveness.

Staff specialty

Is the addiction treatment center well-staffed with highly qualified and specialized professionals? If you aren’t looking to gamble with your money, time, and resources, it’s essential to check out how well-staffed your facility is. Specialized treatment increases the chances of accurate diagnosis, customized treatment, and long-term recovery. Facilities with qualified psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, nurses, and clinical officers ensure that you are receiving the best. These statistics should reflect on the success rate sheets.

Practice-based methodologies vs. research-based methodologies

In some centers, therapy sessions are mostly handled by recovered addicts who overcame addiction problems on their own. In such a case, the rehab center runs through practice-based treatment methods. On the other hand, some treatment centers prefer to incorporate research-based methodologies which revolve around monitoring patients’ life after being discharged, taking lab tests, and following up with every individual patient. Some treatment centers have recorded impeccable success rates by combining both methodologies. Consider inquiring how the treatment center incorporates their treatment options.

Number of sustained recoveries

How many patients manage to live sober for extended periods after being discharged from rehab? Your prospective rehab center should provide an excellent list of previous clients who have managed to stay sober even after being discharged. While there’s no magic or short cut to making addiction disappear, your selected alcohol addiction treatment facility plays a significant role in increasing your chances of lifetime sobriety.

Care for underlying disorders

It’s common for patients suffering from alcohol addiction to suffer from other underlying disorders such as anxiety and depression. Tackling the addiction crisis and leaving the co-occurring disorders untreated drags the treatment process back in most cases. A good rehab facility will ensure that both the underlying mental issues and the addiction problem are addressed. Success rates of long-term recovery highly depend on the rehab center’s ability to offer integrated care for victims with co-occurring disorders.

Every addiction treatment center that features the above-discussed measures will most likely record high success rates. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that your treatment’s success largely depends on your attitude. Getting help voluntarily increases your chances of success. Have you been searching for an addiction treatment center that will help you break the chains of addiction? Call us now at (440) 253-9915 to speak to an expert and let your journey to sobriety begin.