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How Do I Find the Best Drug Rehab Centers for A Loved One?

Your loved one needs the very best treatment to begin their addiction recovery. Although there are many different rehab centers available, you will quickly begin to see that they all offer different benefits and drawbacks. As with any health care facility, you should also know that some rehabs are better than others simply because of the professionals who work within its walls. Your loved one’s decision on a rehab may also hinge upon factors such as whether or not they accept their health insurance. Since the process of finding a rehab can be a very individual thing, you may need to take to your loved one before you start your search to find out if they have any preferences. Once you know what they need, you can begin to find the best drug rehab centers for your loved one.

In most cases, your loved one must be willing to go to rehab on their own. For this reason, you may want to start out with a conversation about why they need to seek treatment for their addiction. If your loved one is in denial, then this process may involve something such as an intervention. You may need to get their other loved ones involved to help them see the seriousness of their current behavior. You might also be fortunate enough to know that your loved one already accepts their need for help. This allows you to speak freely about what they want in a rehab program. Try writing down a list of their preferences. As you do so, try to make a note of which ones are needs versus wants. For instance, your loved one may want a rehab with a swimming pool, but their need for a specific type of treatment could affect their decision more.

Characteristics of the Right Drug Rehab for Your Loved One

There are some simple ways to begin the process of narrowing down your loved one’s options to the best one. For instance, most rehabs can be broken down into the categories of those that provide residential or outpatient care. Some signs that your loved one needs an inpatient program include the following:

•they are addicted to opiates
•they have experienced withdrawal symptoms before
•they are experiencing a relapse
•they have ever had an overdose
•they live near or with people who use drugs or alcohol
•they need a serious break from overwhelming stress

If your loved one cannot take time away from work or other responsibilities to stay overnight in rehab, then they may prefer an outpatient program. These are also effective, and they use intensive forms of therapy to help people immediately begin working through the issues that drive their addiction.

Once you know if they prefer inpatient or outpatient rehabs, then you can begin working through other potential factors. For instance, some people need to go through a detox program to help them safely make it through serious withdrawal symptoms. Your loved one might also need dual diagnosis treatment. This form of treatment involves helping people find ways to learn how to manage existing mental health conditions. Many people use drugs or alcohol to deal with their symptoms of depression or PTSD. Getting help for their mental health condition at the same time that they get sober can help your loved one address many potential triggers for relapse. The location of the rehab center might also influence your decision. Some people want to get as far away from their normal life as possible by going to an out-of-state rehab.

This is especially beneficial if your loved one needs to get away from negative influences that may try to get them to start using drugs again. A fresh start is easier to enjoy when they begin their recovery in a brand new place. Other people may want to stick closer to home. This might be preferable if your loved one is the type to benefit from having visitors. They may also want to make it possible for their loved ones to attend family therapy with them to begin healing their relationship. Finally, make sure to check into the success rate of the rehab that you choose. You should hear that most people who enter the rehab center are able to maintain their sobriety.

The drug rehab that your loved one selects represents their best chances for a successful recovery. Their program lays the foundation for them to continue to stand upon after they complete their treatment. We can help you find the best rehab center for your loved one’s needs. Give us a call today at (440) 253-9915 to find a program that gives them the right types of support.