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How Do I Prepare for Rehab?

Making the decision to get addiction treatment for yourself is difficult, but one that will change your life forever. It is a step towards liberation and away from deterioration and negativity. Before checking into rehab, there are ways in which you can prepare in advance, to ensure that you get the most out of your treatment experience.

Tie Up Any Loose Ends

Take care of any important responsibilities regarding your family, work and/or any outstanding financial obligations. This is important due to the fact that your entire focus while in rehab should only be your recovery. Life stresses that occur outside of your treatment and recovery could affect your concentration, trigger anxiety and possibly even prolong your stay in rehab.

Also, returning to those responsibilities or outstanding obligations after your stay in rehab could be putting extra pressure on yourself, that could in turn expose you to risks of relapse. Legal obligations should also be considered, especially if you are checking into court-ordered rehab.

Verify the Rehab’s List of Permitted and Prohibited Items

Upon making contact with the facility of choice, make sure to ask about what things are allowed into the facility. At the same time, find out if there is anything that is absolutely off-limits.

Factor in whatever your medical professionals have recommended given your individual needs, such as the length of your program, your level of addiction and any comfort objects you may want (non-drug-related, of course).

What Should I Bring?

When considering the essentials that you will need while in rehab, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your best source of information will be the rehab center itself – they should have a list of what you need.

You want to bring reminders of your home environment into the facility, to help you put your recovery into perspective, such as pictures of your family. If you feel it will help you on your way to sobriety and the rehab center agrees, it should be fine.

However, in some cases, bringing personal items might not be ideal for your recovery depending on your situation at home. Sometimes, family issues or unsupportive home environments can be triggers to your original substance abuse and addiction problems.

Essentials could include things that make your stay easier, such as comfortable clothes, pajamas/slippers, alcohol-free toiletries, list of important phone numbers, prior prescribed medication, hobby items such as a scrabble set or a deck of cards and a roll of quarters for laundry machines.

Dispose of Any and All Substances

Your engagement and commitment to rehab is meant to rid you of the necessity to indulge in alcohol and substances, and ultimately end your addictive tendencies to drugs, alcohol and other substances.

To help you on your journey to full sobriety, you should get rid of these substances and any paraphernalia associated to them from your home, car and office before checking into rehab. This will be essential in making a new beginning upon your discharge from the rehab program.

By clearing out things that would bring temptations in advance, you will be removing the items that pose a threat to your recovery process and potential relapse. You should also make plans to stay away from friends and family members who expose you to risks of abuse and addiction triggers.

Seek Others’ Perspectives

Seeking the perspective of those who have successfully been through rehab may also you help prepare for the experience. This could serve as motivation, help you identify red flags to your recovery process, and provide part of the necessary supportive environment.

Ask them to link you up to their alumni groups to provide essential post-rehab recovery networks, such as their Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group schedules. These networks could provide your family with encouragement to help support you through the difficult times.