ohio’s Leading Addiction Treatment team


Eric Vandervert – Executive Director

Founding Prosperity Haven in 2017, Eric is responsible for the oversight and management of Prosperity Haven’s residential and outpatient services. Eric is passionate about giving people the best substance abuse treatment and environment of care so they can return to their lives free from the negative effects of addiction. During the 1990’s Eric worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer in the field of counter-narcotics then followed into corporate management / security, finally following his passion and entered into the treatment industry in 2014. A strong advocate for the people that suffer from addiction, he has tirelessly worked in the community to de-stigmatize and expand access to addiction treatment.

Fareed Abdullah – Clinical Director

Fareed has worked in the field of chemical dependency in a wide range of positions including IOP counselor to senior management for over twenty years. All of Fareed's academic education has been in the city of Cleveland from high school to Case Western Reserve University. He has been a Licensed Social Worker since 1988 and received his Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor Clinical Supervisor Senior in 1994. Today he is married with four adult children and grandchildren.