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Get to know our top-level staff you can trust for our top-rated care.

All staff at every level at Prosperity Haven are dedicated to providing our clients and their families with the support and tools they need to focus on successful treatment and to be prepared to live a fulfilling life in recovery.

As one of the highest customer rated treatment facilities in Ohio*, we understand how important it is to choose a quality rehab facility with caring and compassionate staff members with skills to support you and your loved ones throughout your recovery.

Our meticulously selected team at Prosperity Haven consists of experienced professionals that are licensed and trained in a variety of disciplines, including dual diagnosis treatment, substance abuse counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family and group therapy, and more.


Nicole Gray, Clinical Director


Clinical Director

Nicole is an LPCC-S with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Lake Erie College and a Master of Arts in Human Services and Community Counseling from John Carroll University. With over twenty years’ experience in the field ranging from detox, inpatient, and outpatient settings, Nicole has utilized various therapeutic approaches, such as Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and EMDR to best serve individuals struggling with addiction and behavioral health diagnoses. Nicole’s wealth of knowledge and experience has given her the ability to teach, support, and guide other staff to provide the best clinical care possible to those in need.

It is an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to walk alongside a person during their time of need. We are not an island and do not have to endure struggles and overcome obstacles alone.

Chaim Moshe Steinmetz


Chaim is a LSW and graduated from Daemen College with a Masters in Social Work. He is trained and experienced in multiple cutting-edge modalities that address trauma and addiction, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST), Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Energy Psychology. Chaim believes that clients can only experience real change when they are fully understood, respected, and accepted. Believing that clients - not therapists - are the main experts on themselves, he utilizes his up-beat, energetic style as he works to empower his clients to work on the issues most important to their lives.

"One of the primary goals of addiction treatment is for clients to be able to transform the cycle of shame and self-loathing into one of self-compassion and empathy for the suffering that underlies their addiction, and finally overcome it. When a client recognizes and experiences this truth, they have effectively neutralized the addiction’s grip over them."

Mikayla Ashba, Case Manager


Case Manager

Mikayla is a 2019 graduate of Kent State University with a bachelors in Integrated Social Studies and is currently pursuing her LCDC III through Kent State. Mikayla works one on one with clients during Case Management sessions to find workable, appropriate options for a variety of affairs including job/work requirements and assistance, legal issues, insurance and disability program guidance, among other issues. She believes strongly in a solution focused approach, and through goal setting and expert advice, she is able to work collaboratively with our client base.

It is a great honor to be present and act as a source of support for clients during their recovery journey. I stand by the following quote 'if it is hard to watch it, imagine how hard it must be to live it' and I am reminded daily that empathy and compassion are integral qualities to possess. I’m grateful to serve our clients and for the opportunity to stand with this great organization.

Kathryn Dann

Director of Clinical Outreach

Kathryn is a Licensed Social Worker, has her Bachelor of Social Work from Youngstown State University and is less than a year away from receiving her Masters Degree. She has seventeen years of marketing, management, and community engagement experience -with high acclaim. With her naturally sweet and compassionate disposition, Kathryn has always had a passion for Behavioral Health and various therapeutic approaches to recovery, as well as general mental health well-being. She skillfully pairs her behavioral health expertise with her outreach role to ensure that every individual knows how serious Prosperity Haven takes his recovery and feels welcome and cared for from the first contact and throughout.

Building relationships within communities and helping the Greater Cleveland area know what Prosperity Haven's amazing addiction recovery services can provide to them, is so important to me, and I delight in subsequently assisting those who reach out to PH on their path to recovery.

Rachel Shepler

Outreach Coordinator

Rachel brings to Prosperity Haven’s outreach and community efforts a wonderful and important dimension. A “helper” at her core, she has always sought out ways to assist others in various capacities. Rachel has been a teacher at multiple levels, earning a reputation as a cheerful and sincere educator, while cultivating in her students a strong sense of community appreciation. Her experience in the addiction treatment area range from directly assisting with patients as they traveled their recovery journey in her work as a BHT, to overseeing the outreach and intake as Outreach Coordinator at a Behavioral Health Group facility. Rachel has experience with social events coordination in other venues as well. With her youthful freshness and sunny composure, Rachel impresses upon the communities and network connections throughout the northeast Ohio and west PA region, the Prosperity Haven promise of hope.

Being able to be there to assist someone at a heartbreaking low-point in their life, only invigorates my passion to be helpful. I am grateful for the great life-perspective this environment constantly affords me.

Ann Oswald Laird

Therapeutic Coach/Group Facilitator

As a professional Spiritual coach, writer, Medical Intuitive and instructor, Ann blends her intuitive abilities, visionary approach, with her broad education and certifications as a Religious Studies BA, Aromatherapist, Biodynamic Therapist, Sampoorna Yoga teacher, among others. Her successful work with each individual in her care incorporates a diverse array of spiritual, meditative, and contemplative practices. Ann works to provide space that is Sacred so others can experience an increase in energy, clarity, and focus that helps release mental and emotional stressors and blocks from their true power and joy. Using a holistic approach including techniques of breath work, mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, and nature, she assists in breaking down the walls of fear, anxiety, and distress, tapping into the human soul’s potential.

We all have a potential to heal, I can encourage the potential that lives within you; it is up to you to bring it into your story even when true freedom is challenged with misfortune, pain, and sorrow.


Dr Greg Boehm (1)

Dr. Greg Boehm

Medical Director

Gregory X. Boehm MD, FASAM, is triple Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry, and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. He is the immediate Past President of the Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine, and currently the ASAM Regional Director for Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For over 30 years, he has been in private practice as well as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at CWRU Medical School. At Salvation Army he serves as psychiatrist for their three treatments programs “Survivors of Human Trafficking,” “Early-Prison Release” and “Homeless Mothers and Children.” He works with his wife Dr. Nancy Duff-Boehm, the Executive Director of “Action Recovery” an intensive out-patient program which provides addiction treatment as well as addiction medicine training for UH resident physicians.

"I really appreciate Prosperity Haven for providing comprehensive Addiction Treatment which establishes a firm foundation to meet the multiple challenges of recovery."

Jennifer Collins

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Northern Kentucky University, as well as a certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She brings over 3 years of experience as an advanced practice provider, working in addiction medicine, family medicine and mental health. She is also a certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Northern Kentucky University. Jennifer has over 9 years of varied clinical experience, including med-surg nursing, geriatrics and adult inpatient trauma. She spent time as an adjunct clinical instructor for nursing schools in Northeast Ohio, and she joined Prosperity Haven in 2021. Jennifer is an avid traveler and enjoys exercising outdoors. She is passionate about recovery and with her calm and focused style seeks to utilize a holistic health approach to assist with her clients withdrawal and mental health needs.

"The recovery journey is not a race; It is a step-by-step journey that I am grateful to join you on."


Meir Kasnett

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Meir brings the passion of generations of medical professionals and educators to his role in leading the Prosperity Haven team. Having almost chanced upon the opportunity to take leadership of PH a few years ago, mental health and addiction recovery have since become a life’s passion for him. Meir blends his entrepreneurial vision of efficient growth hand-in-hand with his empathy and care for all individuals and their well-being, and is known to be deeply involved at all times and all levels with the success of the treatment program, even personally manning the main phone line many hours a week. A firm advocate of realizing each individual's potential, he continually seeks out the collaboration of leaders in the medical, rehabilitation, and educational fields to provide the most effective policy and procedures for the clients and staff of Prosperity Haven, establishing excellent working relationships at various organizational and governmental levels.

"Our goal at Prosperity Haven is to effectively provide our clients with the inner-strength and life skills they need to lead a successful and substance-free life. We promise to do everything we all can do to provide a haven of hope."


Joe Cirino, Treatment Specialist

Joe Cirino

Treatment Specialist

Joe has been part of the Prosperity Haven team since 2018. He earned a certificate in criminal justice in 1997 from Cuyahoga Community College. As a Treatment Specialist, Joe helps implement treatment plans and teaches life and recovery skills, and helps ensure that clients feel safe and supported during their stay at Prosperity Haven. Joe’s compassion, experience, and excellent interpersonal skills not only make him a great member of our team, these qualities have made him a great resource that our clients can trust.

I thoroughly enjoy working in a team-oriented space where we communicate to ensure our clients are provided with collaborative, individualized care.

Andrew Higgins

Behavioral Health Therapist

Andrew is a 2019 graduate of Miami University with a bachelor's in Psychology and Neuroscience and is currently pursuing an M.A. and Psy.S. in School Psychology through Cleveland State. He has traversed the range of the mental health field for 8 years, having worked for a crisis hotline, a rape crisis center, an adolescent residential facility, and a psychiatric hospital. He is passionate about comforting and helping individuals working through their personal struggles, and specializes in the areas of cognitive, social, and emotional assessment.

If it's going to be; it's up to me,' my grandfather, a psychiatrist, would say. His altruistic and humanitarian approach to care represents, to me, the keystone of an exemplary clinician. As I continue growing and learning in the broad mental health field, I strive to use all my expertise and resources to empower and transform patients through intervention and preventative care.

Darien Hamilton, Treatment Specialist

Darien Hamilton

Treatment Specialist

Darien joined the at Prosperity Haven in 2019. As a Treatment Specialist, Darien’s favorite parts of his role are offering support to clients, listening to their challenges, and participating in meaningful activities that will help clients learn how to have fun in their recovery. Darien understands the importance of helping people stay positive throughout the recovery process, and its often his supportive conversations and valuable encouragement that helps our clients remain focused on their sobriety.

I try to show our clients that while recovery certainly requires a serious commitment, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a good time along the way.

Ken Toth

Behavioral Health Therapist

Ken served in the U.S.M.C during the Vietnam conflict and, as a member of the recovery community, knows first hand the toll that PTSD and addiction has on many Dual diagnostic clients and their families. Ken has 30 years of experience as a RN working in trauma as well as with dual diagnosis clients, and as a certified CDCA, has helped many clients as well as co-counselors in the field of substance abuse. His long career in healthcare includes: working as an EMT, a Registered Nurse, and coaching Dual Diagnosis clients. An active musician since the 1970's, Ken earned a BFA at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Ken’s ability to draw from his art and music background was essential while working with Behavioral Health clients throughout his career, including at Metro and Geauga hospitals.

Being an artist and musician and recognizing their therapeutic capacity, I feel that holistically treating a person going through the stages of change in their life is a must for their healing and lasting recovery. I'm excited to be here working in a very supportive and holistic milieu!

* Since installing current leadership of PH in 2019 and subsequently restructuring and restaffing the program, PH has consistently received exclusively 4-5 star google review ratings from our patients and their family.


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