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What Personal Information Do You Need To Give At A Ohio Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

Congratulations on your new and remarkable journey! The first step into getting your life on track from drug or alcohol abuse is accepting that you need professional help. The stigma that still surrounds substance addiction treatment remains a significant barrier that prevents most people from going to rehab. Confidentiality also seems to be a problem with most victims aiming at protecting their employment statuses, relationships with loved ones, and their dignity. Nonetheless, your preferred drug or alcohol treatment center needs to know a few things about you to process your treatment programs and induct you into their facility.

Are you still worried about what kind of information the rehab facility will ask of you before and during admission? We will break down what to expect and the kind of personal information you are expected to give during enrollment.

During the first contact

When browsing through various treatment facilities, you might find the need to call their representatives and inquire more about their services and substance addiction treatment programs. At this point, whoever picks the call at the other end may ask:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your age?
  • What gender do you identify with?
  • What is your residence?
  • What kind of substances have you been using?

Using your answers to these questions, the rehab’s representative will confirm if there’s a vacancy for you and if they offer the treatment program for your specific case.

Pre-intake screening

After contacting the rehab facility and confirming their intake dates and schedules, the next step normally involves a pre-intake screen. During this stage of admission, the facility’s experts gather valid information about patients and can be conducted via phone or face-to-face. The rehab aims to make you feel comfortable when giving out your personal data, which is used to determine the best level of care you deserve and the type of treatment program that best suits you.

Your doctor may inquire the following:

  • Your drug history.
  • The types of drugs you abuse.
  • Information about previous drug addiction treatment prior to this.
  • Your employment status and situation.
  • Your family history and current family life.
  • Your relationship status.
  • The length of drug abuse.
  • Any possible underlying medical, mental, or emotional disorders.
  • Any possible history of traumatic or psychiatric conditions.
  • Any current or previous use of medications.

The information outlined above is personal but crucial to customizing your ideal alcohol or drug addiction treatment program. You might want to understand more about information confidentiality before handing out this information to the facility’s expert in charge of gathering your information. The law protects you and your information from being used inappropriately or from being disclosed to anyone apart from your caregiver at the rehab center.

Payment details

Most rehab centers prefer clearing the air on the payment details before proceeding to induct you into their treatment facilities. You will need to give out your insurance details if you decide to settle the payment via insurance. You will fill a form issuing your insurance card details that the rehab center uses to contact your insurer and inform them of your treatment program. If you decide to pay using cash or credit cards, you will need to fill the information as part of the admission process.

During a physical exam and assessment

Physical exams usually are conducted with medical doctors at the rehab facility. This comprehensive medical assessment is crucial in determining your overall health before being admitted to the rehab center. Your doctor will request for your health history detailing any occurrences of underlying medical conditions. You will also be tested for the presence of any infectious diseases. Some lab tests such as blood tests and urine tests may be conducted to confirm that indeed you have been abusing alcohol or drugs. The results may also help determine your level of addiction. Some of these medical exam answers need additional confirmation from your primary doctor.

How does this personal information help?

As earlier stated, the alcohol or drug addiction treatment center aims at understanding all patients, their needs, and their goals. This, in turn, aids at personalizing treatment programs for every patient. Your personal information should be safe at the hands of the facility. Any violations of their personal information policies allow you to act accordingly.

Are you looking for a drug addiction treatment center that will suit your needs and work at all costs to protect your personal information? Look no further. Reach us today at (440) 253-9915 to talk to us and let us help get your life back on track.