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What Services Do Rehab Facilities in OH Offer for Families?

Many substance abuse rehab specialists take the clinical view that alcohol and drug abuse and addiction are “family affairs.” Consequently, an effective treatment program needs to involve family members beyond the immediate participant in some manner. With this in mind, if you or a loved one is considering entering into a drug or alcohol treatment program, you may wonder what services Ohio rehab facilities offer for families.

Family Services Vary Vastly from One Facility to Another

A point to bear in mind upfront when seeking a treatment provider is that family services offered by rehab facilities varies significantly from one program or center to another. Thus, when services for families available at an Ohio rehab facility is a consideration, you need to undertake a course of due diligence and check out different programs.

Family Rehabilitation Programs

There are Ohio rehab centers that offer comprehensive family rehabilitation programs. As mentioned previously, a number of rehab specialists that take a clinical approach that substance abuse and addiction is a family matter. These types of programs offer a comprehensive range of services designed to approach an overall treatment program from the perspective of healing an entire family.

Ohio Substance Abuse Treatment Programs with “Family Days”

Understanding the importance of families in substance abuse and addiction treatment and recovery, some Ohio rehab centers and programs offer “family days” or “family weekends.” These extended offerings more often are associated with Ohio inpatient rehab centers.

A facility that offers a family day or family weekend provides an array of activities. These might include everything from family counseling, individual counseling for attending family members, education and informational sessions, and family planning meetings associated with a program participant’s life following the end of treatment.

Regular Family Counseling During Substance Abuse Treatment

Rather than or in addition to a family day or weekend, many Ohio rehab facilities offer family counseling. Such a counseling component brings together the main program participant and key family members for joint sessions. In addition, these are breakout or individual sessions for the primary program participant and the family members. Typically, the same counselor or therapist is involved in both the group family sessions as well as the individual ones.

Specific Counseling for Family Members

Independent of a family counseling modality some Ohio rehab facilities or programs offer counseling so specific family members that have a primary relationship with a person obtaining substance abuse treatment. Depending on the patient, individual counseling is available to spouses, parents, and even children.

Specialized Family Counseling Modalities

Some Ohio drug and alcohol treatment facilities offer specialized programming for specific categories of family members. For example, some treatment centers offer specialized or targeted assistance and programming for spouses, children, parents, and even professional colleagues. On a related note, some facilities offer focused group therapy opportunities for people in these types of familial categories.

Exclusion of Some Family

Access to family programming in an Ohio rehab center is not ubiquitously available. The reality is that a notable percentage of individuals who seek and obtain substance abuse treatment do not have healthy relationships with certain family members. Indeed, the toxicity of existing family relationships may contribute to a person’s substance use, abuse, and ultimate addiction. Thus, situations exist in which family involvement in a person’s rehab, treatment, and recovery process is not recommended, perhaps not even permitted.

Costs Associated with Family Modalities

One point you need to bear in mind when seeking a suitable substance abuse rehab facility is costs associated with family modalities. Some Ohio treatment and recovery centers include certain types of family programming in the base charge associated with a primary participant’s treatment program. Other facilities charge additional amounts depending on the specific types of family services accessed in a particular situation. Moreover, the person receiving primary care may have insurance. However, that coverage will not extend to certain types of family services and programs.

The due diligence process in seeking the most suitable Ohio drug and alcohol treatment program needs to include a consideration of what is available for family members. This type of information typically generally is available on a rehab facility’s website. You can also obtain this information by calling an Ohio rehab center today at (440) 253-9915. You can get the admission process underway promptly in this way as well.