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What Treatment Questions Should I Ask When I Call the Value Options Phone Number?

In a perfect world, you could just walk into a treatment center and know that all of your financial worries are taken care of. While you can find treatment centers that will accept you immediately on a walk-in basis, it is also prudent to give Value Options a call when you have the time to make sure that your financial concerns are addressed. Value Options is one of the largest companies in the nation that helps with behavioral health and wellness. You may have a plan with them through your workplace or through some other form of association. Either way, knowing what treatment questions to ask when you call the Value Options phone number helps you begin your rehab search with more knowledge about your benefits.

There is no right or wrong question when you call the Value Options phone line. The staff who answers your call are all trained to help people who may know very little about their plan. Their whole goal is to help you be happy and feel comfortable as you proceed with the next phases of your treatment such as finding the right rehab center to help you achieve sobriety. They also know that many people have financial concerns about treatment, and they’ll help you get the most care possible out of your plan. When you call the Value Options line, try to have as much personal information available as possible. The person that answers your call may need to know things such as your name, address, and policy number to pull up your information so that they can give you the most accurate results. In many cases, they can look directly at your personal plan to tell you answers that fit your actual situation. If possible, try to make your call when you have the privacy that you need to talk openly with the representative on the phone.

How Does My Plan Affect My Treatment Choices?

There are different levels of coverage that you can have through Value Options. Each of these types may have specifications regarding which types of treatment centers that you can attend. For the most part, you will find that treatment centers are broken down into the categories of inpatient and outpatient care facilities. A residential facility allows you to stay at the treatment center around the clock for a period of time until you get sober. This gives you access to professional support at any time of the day or night when you may find yourself struggling with the desire to use drugs or alcohol. An outpatient program provides similar services but you go home at night where you can manage the other parts of your daily routine such as taking care of your children or pets. The majority of plans cover at least a portion of your residential stay, but you do need to find out for sure when you call on the phone.

Your plan may also have stipulations in place regarding the type of treatment center that you go to. Some facilities offer luxury services that may or may not be covered such as massage therapy or gourmet meals prepared by a professional chef. However, the majority of the necessary services are covered. Depending upon your plan, you may be able to receive detox services that help you manage those first withdrawal symptoms. If your addiction is severe or has gone on for a long time, detox assistance may be necessary to protect your health. You may also be able to receive some form of both inpatient and outpatient care under your plan. Many people find that combining the coverage for these two types of addiction treatment helps them receive professional support for longer so that they enter sobriety stronger. You may also have additional questions to ask about your plan. Be sure to jot down these questions if they resonate with your situation so that you don’t forget them when you get someone on the phone.

  • Am I qualified for a private or semi-private room at a residential rehab?
  • Are there additional services that are covered under my plan?
  • How many days can I stay in inpatient treatment?
  • Will there be any other out-of-pocket costs?
  • Is aftercare included in my plan?
  • Why rehab centers near me are available through my plan?
  • Is an out-of-state treatment center covered if that is what I need

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