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Will Treatment Centers for Women Help Me Find New Housing Away from an Abusive Partner?

Dealing with an abusive partner and an addiction is overwhelming. Not only are you tasked with trying to figure out how to stop using drugs and alcohol, but you may also be worried about what will happen when you get out of the program. Your abusive partner may try to interfere with your recovery, and they may even be dealing with addictions of their own. You might also find that your abusive partner has isolated you from the people that you love who you used to be able to depend upon for help. While the road ahead of you may look rough, you can rest assured that there are plenty of people willing to help you begin your new journey in life.

Treatment centers for women will help you find new housing away from an abusive partner. Yet, they don’t just stop there. You can find help with every aspect of your recovery that begins with assistance dealing with your withdrawal symptoms and leads to professional services that include helping you get on your feet when you are ready to live independently. While you are in the treatment center, you will feel safe and be protected from your partner trying to visit you. The staff at your recovery center will protect your privacy, and no one has to know where you are unless you make the choice to tell them. Learning more about how your treatment program surrounds you with these supportive services helps you get the best start on your recovery.

•Intensive counseling that includes trauma care
•Immediate access to a safe shelter and other resources
•After care planning that includes help with finding housing, employment and child care

How Treatment Centers Help Women Leave Abusive Living Situations

It may seem unfair that you have to deal with two things at once. You might even engage in self-blame for your problems or feel an odd sense of guilt about trying to move forward with a healthier lifestyle. When you have lived in an abusive situation for any length of time, you need to know that all of your emotions are normal. Anger, frustration, embarrassment and even feeling guilty all just add fuel to the fire when it comes to addiction. Sadly, living with someone who abuses you in any way can cause you to sink further into a spiral of negativity that impacts your ability to stay sober. People who come to a treatment center from an abusive environment benefit from special services that include counseling to help them earn how to cope with the trauma that they have experienced. You’ll also discover that living among women who understand what you are going through offers you the freedom to be able to speak out about your needs, worries and triumphs. Support is never far way in a treatment center for women. You can even find someone to talk to at any time of the day or night.

Abuse often accompanies drug or alcohol misuse. Your partner may refuse to admit that what they do to you is wrong. They may also be unwilling to change or stop using drugs. When your partner is resistant to changing their behavior, then you still have the option of changing yours. The treatment center that you go to understands that you need to get away from an unhealthy situation. Your physical safety and personal happiness matter. You also have the strength inside of you just waiting to be tapped into as you work with professional counselors to reveal the person you can be when you are surrounded by support. While you are in the treatment center, you will begin to work on developing strategies that help you heal from the abuse. You may also receive services that address underlying issues that may or may not be related to the abusive situation. For instance, you may need assistance learning to manage your depression or anxiety. You might also need help mending other relationships that were once healthy such as those that you have with your children or other family members. Once you are getting close to leaving the program, you will then begin to focus on how you will rebuild your life. This includes making plans for where you will live, work or go to school. The staff at your treatment program can help you to connect with resources to find essential services such as new housing or child care that give you a strong foundation for continuing your recovery.

Both leaving an abusive partner and ending an addiction take courage. Yet, you will soon find out that there is a happier and healthy life just waiting for you to begin it. Give us a call at (440) 253-9915 to find everything you need to begin a safe and sober lifestyle.