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How Long Does It Take to Get an Appointment at an Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center?

It’s unreasonable to expect someone caught in the cycle of addiction to be able to think clearly about what’s going on around them. In most cases, the addiction sufferer’s life has been turned upside down and personal problems are piling up.

What most of us in the sober world understand is the only viable way an addiction sufferer has to get their life back on track is getting professional help. That usually means them submitting themselves to a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for treatment.

Given the circumstances most addiction sufferers are facing when they finally realize they need help, it’s not surprising that many of them are unsure about how to proceed. It’s incumbent on family and friends to be there to help guide their sick loved one towards a treatment center that has the resources to help.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Appointment at an Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center?

When the time to reach out for help finally arrives, there is certainly going to be a sense of urgency. That sense of urgency is going to occur within hours of the addiction sufferer deciding to immediately stop using their drug of choice. That urgency is going to come in the form of dangerous withdrawal symptoms such as the following:

  • Breathing and blood pressure issues
  • Body cramps and convulsions
  • Shaking and trembling in the extremities
  • Inability to control body movements and thought processes
  • Psychological effects like depression and anxiety

Because of the urgency, most rehab centers have programs in place to bring addiction sufferers in and start the treatment process as soon as possible.

What you need to understand as you contemplate getting treatment is that residential treatment would likely be your best option. That’s especially true if your addiction has deep roots within your life. If it’s residential care you need, you would face the possibility that a particular rehab might not have the available bed space. In such cases, you might be able to start the treatment process on an outpatient basis.

In regards to the titled question, it’s very unlikely you’ll need to make an appointment for an outpatient treatment program. These types of treatment programs are only limited by the number of clients the facility’s administrators feel the staff can effectively treat. It’s the flexibility of outpatient treatment that allows most rehabs to treat a larger population of clients who can report in for treatment at different times.

If you want or need to go the outpatient route, your best option is to contact a facility or two and see which one responds by asking you to come in immediately for treatment. You’ll find some facilities that will welcome you in the door immediately without the need to make an appointment. They want you in the door so they can help you get through the detox process before starting outpatient therapy.

Types of Outpatient Programs

When it’s time for you to start therapy, you’ll likely be placed in one of three types of outpatient programs. The three options include (in order of restrictiveness):

  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Standard outpatient

Read on for more details about each program.

Partial Hospitalization

This is by far the most restrictive option. The client is required to report for therapy at least 5 days a week for as many as 6 to 8 hours a day. During that time, the client will need to participate in intensive individual therapy, group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and some group activities.

Intensive Outpatient

At the next level down is intensive outpatient therapy. The client will need to report for treatment at least 3 days a week for as many as 4 to 6 hours a day. During that time, they will focus on individual therapy and some group sessions.

Standard Outpatient

This option is available as a maintenance option. Clients will typically need to come in for treatment a couple of times a week for a couple of hours at a time. The time will be spent mostly with individual therapy and a review of progress towards recovery from the addiction.

When you are willing to reach out for help, top rehab facilities such as ours will be there to answer the call. In our case, we know full well there’s an urgency to get you into treatment. You can start the process by calling us 24/7 at (440) 253-9915.