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FAQs about finding CCN Veteran Substance abuse TREATMENT

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Prosperity Haven addiction treatment center of Ohio is proud to announce that we are now an approved Treatment Center for veterans seeking care through the VA CCN. After Recently undergoing a thorough review and survey, the VA has found Prosperity Haven’s program to be of a high standard and appropriate for the care of our veterans. Veterans now seeking an addiction treatment Center which is part of the VA’s network of community providers aka the CCN can make use of Prosperity Haven’s superb inpatient substance addiction treatment program.

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What is the VA CCN for veteran’s health care?

In the words of the VA, “VA provides health care for Veterans from providers in your local community outside of VA. Veterans may be eligible to receive care from a community provider when VA cannot provide the care needed. This care is provided on behalf of and paid for by VA.” In essence, the VA Community Care Network (CCN) Is the VA’s connection with local community providers of healthcare, ensuring that all veterans in the US receive high quality Care in a timely fashion. 

Whereas previously veterans looking to find addiction treatment near them through the VA may have had to turn to a facility located at a great distance from them or were required to wait longer waits until they were able to access addiction care. They were also often forced to seek substance rehabilitation at whatever drug or alcohol rehab the VA provided regardless of their quality and capabilities.

The VA CCN -also referred to often as the VACCN, recently changed that, allowing vets to access quality healthcare in a timely manner through a network of non-VA facilities and providers who are still approved to provide care for veterans in certain situations and are covered by the VA’s insurance. The U.S. is divided by the VA to five regional networks, with different insurance companies responsible for the care of veterans in their region seeking care with CCN.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania the provider that contracts with the VA and that administers the non-VA medical center health care for veterans is Optum (Optum Serve, OPSS).

When Can I get addiction treatment at rehab outside the VA?
VA CCN Drug & Alcohol Rehabs.

According to VA policies veterans may be eligible for care through a provider in their local community depending on their health care needs or circumstances and if they meet specific eligibility criteria. Your care team at the VA can help you understand your options and help determine if you are eligible for VA rehab through a local Drug and alcohol rehab approved for veterans. 

Some of the criteria or circumstances which allow for a veteran to find a VA CCN rehab program for veterans covered by the VA, include:

- Substance Detox for a veteran living nearby

If the VA is unable to schedule an appointment or admissions to an addiction center located within an average standard driving time of 30 minutes or less from the veteran seeking outpatient addiction treatment’s home.

So for example, a veteran in need of drug or alcohol detox, or in need of IOP outpatient substance addiction treatment, finds that the nearest VA substance addiction rehab is located more than a 30 minute (average) drive away from him, then the veteran Affairs is required by law to provide that veteran with the option of going to any drug or alcohol detox program or outpatient program approved for veterans which is closer to them.

- Substance inpatient rehab for a veteran living nearby

For Inpatient or Residential substances rehabilitation for veterans, the VA rule is a bit different, and only veterans without a VA inpatient drug and alcohol rehab within an Hour (average) drive of them can turn to access residential/inpatient addiction treatment centers outside the VA but approved by them for veteran addiction treatment.

- Full continuum: Detox, Inpatient, Outpatient rehab for local veterans

Some instances require individual rule clarification from the local VA. For example, A veteran seeking a continuum of care at one facility, in other words, he or she is looking to begin with detox and then join the residential substance addiction treatment program there immediately after completing drug or alcohol detox.

Similarly, if the veteran is looking to join a certain Inpatient drug or alcohol rehab and continue afterward into their PHP or outpatient addiction recovery programs as they complete their addiction treatment. These are cases in which the VA care team working on the veteran’s case will make a determination as to whether to consider the veteran’s care applicable to the 30 minute or 60-minute criteria for CCN providers.

A group of men putting their hands together in an addiction recovery center's outpatient program.

- Veterans’ rights - Quality veteran alcohol & drug addiction treatment not available at the VA

Another key factor which can determine eligibility for turning to a CCN approved treatment center outside of the VA, is if it is in the Veterans’ best medical interest. The basic idea of this rule is that if the Veteran and the referring VA clinician agree that it is in the best medical interest to see a community provider rather than a VA facility, then the veteran may be eligible to have their care covered even outside of the VA at a VA CCN treatment center.

While this provision is not as clear-cut and allows for the VA’s discretion in deciding whether to approve any claim of the VA being unable to offer the appropriate quality of care, it may provide an opening for a veteran to be able to access a high-quality addiction treatment program which has a proven track record of bringing lasting change in clients.

A bottle of pills on an American flag, representing the struggle and journey of addiction recovery in an outpatient program.

Can Veterans get drug or alcohol rehab without insurance?

Very Possibly. As long as you are registered with the VA, and you get their permission to go to a non-VA treatment center or rehab which is approved to serve veterans as part of the Community Care Network. The VA is required by law to pay for a veterans addiction rehabilitation at a non-VA rehab under certain circumstances, including availability of substance treatment nearby, or a special need for unique or better quality addiction care.

So for example, a veteran which has already tried addiction treatment at a VA addiction treatment center but has repeatedly been unable to find lasting success and sobriety there, they may then be able to ask the VA for permission to be covered to join a unique drug and alcohol treatment center with a record of providing individualized and thorough addiction plus mental health dual diagnosis treatment or some other unique program which would help the veteran in their addiction struggle.

A guy is doing yoga.Holistic Addiction Treatment Therapy in Chardon

Our licensed clinical team will work together to be a guide and resource for the different holistic-based therapies we offer, which are mixed with our evidence-based therapies to help you heal during recovery. You will participate in activities such as mindfulness exercises, nature meditation, and sensory hikes. Read more about each of the following therapies below:

  • Mindfulness Exercises: Mindfulness means being fully present in the moment and being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and surroundings. Mindfulness exercises help you to relieve stress and give you a chance to free your mind of negative thoughts.

  • Nature Meditation: Nature meditation is a great way to improve your mental health. Benefits of outdoor meditation include lower levels of stress and anxiety, improvement to your mood, increased focus, and a greater feeling of energy and regeneration.

  • Sensory Hikes: Although both sensory hikes and nature meditation help you renew your energy, focus, and mindfulness, sensory hikes are more active, and you’ll be taking in your surroundings through smell, touch, sight, and hearing.

Another example would be a veteran who it is determined is in need of advanced addiction recovery techniques or therapies not provided at his local VA rehab facility, such as Biofeedback, massage therapy, or advanced relaxation techniques, to name a few. These are known as (CIHS) health services They may then be eligible to explore another local Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center which offers advanced and holistic therapies and techniques to assist in PTSD or other emotional/mental health underlying issues contributing to a substance abuse problem which has not responded to traditional or basic addiction treatment.

How to schedule appointments or admissions with VA CCN for addiction treatment

A The next step is scheduling a pre-screen or admission to a VA CCN rehab center. VA staff can refer Veterans directly to community providers and also schedule community care appointments for Veterans through the local VA medical facility.

Alternatively, veterans can also choose to schedule their own appointment and then inform a VA staff member about it, or schedule with support from local VA staff.

For Veterans in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Optum serves as the regional administrator for services provided to veterans through CCN.

For a clear step-by-step guide of the VA CCN process to apply for local substance treatment, see the VA’s care process graph.


Prosperity Haven addiction and mental health treatment for veterans in Ohio and PA

Reach out to us to join our premier drug and alcohol rehab at our home-like facility, located on a large spacious and private property. Become part of a strong brotherhood of men working together on recovery and reclaiming their lives. Find your true “You” through private as well as group therapy and life coaching sessions involving the most advanced and powerful recovery tools. And learn how to be your best self regardless of your past or what life continues to throw at you. 

Come and get lasting recovery and the promise of hope. You deserve it. Your country owes it to you.

Visit the VA CCN section of for more information and FAQs.

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Two men are laughing on a basketball court.Recreational and Exercise Therapy

One of the many negative effects that substance abuse can have on a person is the toll it takes on the body. During your treatment, we encourage you to exercise and stay active so you can regain your strength, manage your stress, and develop a healthy exercise routine. 

You’ll be able to participate in off-site activities such as hiking one of the many nearby trails, taking trips to the YMCA, and even playing paintball at a nearby facility. Our rehab center sits on 7.5 acres in Chardon, OH, in a serene, natural environment, perfect for providing the quiet time necessary to focus on yourself and all aspects of your recovery. You can also get a good workout in our gym or play a game of disc golf or horseshoes with other residents in our large, open backyard.

Besides these activities and opportunities for exercise, we know that your physical health is closely tied with what you eat, which means that nutrition is incredibly important during drug and alcohol rehab. At Prosperity Haven, you have access to nutritional resources and healthy meals. Our kitchen is always open, and we encourage you to practice your culinary skills so you can enjoy the same level of healthy eating when you’re back to living on your own.