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How Can I Find Good Drug Treatment Near Me if I’m LGBT?

Members of the LGBT community face specific concerns when dealing with substance abuse. Finding treatment facilities that are inclusive and culturally sensitive to LGBT individuals is important for supportive substance abuse treatment. If you are LGBT-identified, finding a good drug treatment center that affirms who you are while providing comprehensive drug treatment and rehabilitation is important. The following offers concrete suggestions to help you locate a drug treatment center near you that is diverse, inclusive and supportive of LGBT individuals.

Seek Out LGBT Centers and Resources

Your local LGBT center is a great starting point in locating drug treatment facilities that are LGBT affirming. Many of these centers have staff on hand who deal with an assortment of issues related to the LGBT experience such as access to housing, therapy and the location of substance abuse programs that cater to the LGBT population. Counselors at local LGBT centers are an excellent resource who have connections with other local agencies. They can guide you to the applicable substance abuse treatment facilities and programs that are most helpful to LGBT individuals.

Search for Inclusive Treatment Centers

When it comes to quality substance abuse treatment for LGBT individuals, it is best to seek out inclusive, diverse treatment centers. LGBT individuals face specific issues such as possible isolation and judgment for their sexual orientation and gender identities. Thus, it is important to select a good drug treatment facility that understands the need for inclusivity and acceptance as part of the drug treatment recovery process. Those drug treatment centers that are specifically LGBT-centered have qualified clinicians on hand to offer acceptance and create an environment of community and support that many LGBT individuals may not experience in other drug treatment centers simply because of who they are. Likewise, the clinicians at LGBT inclusive drug treatment centers are often trained to deal with the multi-layered and intertwining issues of drug dependency and the underlying mental and emotional issues that contribute to substance abuse.

Tailored Treatment to Address Your Needs

When seeking a good drug treatment center for LGBT individuals, tailored treatment is important. The LGBT community is filled with diverse people with varying experiences. Understanding the unique issues and needs of those within the LGBT community is paramount to providing effective substance abuse treatment. Choosing drug treatment centers that are capable of addressing specific needs for certain members of the LGBT population fosters greater understanding. For example:

  • Gay men have higher occurrences of illicit drug use.
  • Lesbian women are more likely to deal with alcoholism.
  • Transgender individuals may be mistrusting of clinicians and medical professionals who lack a background in dealing with transgender issues.
  • Bisexual individuals often report a feeling of isolation not only from heteronormative society but also within the LGBT community.
  • Young LGBT individuals dealing with substance abuse may also deal with a host of other issues such as abandonment, peer pressure to use drugs to “fit in” among already marginalized LGBT youth, and lack of financial means to support themselves if they were disowned and are not of age to fully self-support.

The above reveals the varying needs among those within the LGBT community as it relates to seeking and obtaining effective substance abuse treatment. Depending on your circumstances, you are encouraged to seek out a drug treatment center that has the capacity to handle your desire to overcome substance abuse while honoring how your sexual and gender identity influences the treatment process. Reach out to clinicians that work specifically with the LGBT population in your area to obtain more information about LGBT tailored substance abuse treatment.

The Importance of Aftercare

Quality substance abuse treatment centers offer comprehensive aftercare to help those overcoming addiction. It is important for those in the LGBT community to have a supportive community throughout and after substance abuse treatment. Many LGBT individuals feel ostracized and alone. Some of them may not have the support of family for encouragement. Thus, it is imperative to select a quality substance abuse treatment center that offers integrative and consistent aftercare for those overcoming substance abuse. LGBT-centered substance abuse treatment centers understand the importance of building community and providing comprehensive aftercare for LGBT individuals that enables them to gradually find the steady footing to face the world through and beyond substance abuse.

If you are seeking an LGBT affirming substance abuse treatment center, there are resources available to you. We can help you locate a quality treatment facility that is inclusive, caring, and supportive on your journey to be substance-free. Give us a call today at (440) 253-9915.