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Will Treatment Centers in Ohio Use the Right Pronouns for Me if I’m Transgender?

If you are a transgender individual, you face unique challenges every day. You want the world to see you as the gender that you relate to best. You dress, speak, and act in such a way that people will treat you like a man or a woman. You may have had surgery and hormone therapy to help you to make the transition to the opposite gender. If you are about to enter a treatment center in Ohio, you want to be confident staff members will treat you with respect.

Will Staff Members of Ohio Treatment Centers Use the Right Pronouns for You are Transgender?

When you enter a treatment facility for drug or alcohol addiction in Ohio, your welfare is a priority of every staff member. You have a right to be treated with compassion and understanding. You should not expect anything different to happen to you if you are transgender. When you enter an Ohio treatment facility, make the following expectations clear to staff:

  • You are transgender
  • You expect to be addressed as the gender you prefer
  • You need to be treated with dignity
  • You will contact the American Civil Liberties Union if your rights are violated

The Golden Rule should apply to you and every resident of your Ohio treatment program. Staff members should treat you the way they want to be treated.

Federal and State Laws are Not Clear on Discrimination of Transgender Individuals

Changes are being made at a fast pace in regards to transgender and LGBT rights at the federal and state level. You are protected from discrimination when it comes to housing and employment. You are protected from hate crimes. However, the law isn’t clear in concerns to using the bathroom of the sexual identity you prefer. You can change your legal gender on your driver’s license, but you cannot change your birth certificate. While lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals are allowed to openly serve in the military, that same protection is not granted to transgender people. However, that does not change the fact that you should be referred to by the pronoun you prefer when you receive addiction treatment.

Don’t Let Your Gender Identity Stop You from Getting Treatment

Concerns about your gender identity as a transgender individual may keep you from getting the treatment you need in an addiction treatment facility. Remember that freedom from addiction should be at the top of your list. When addiction is no longer ruling your life, you will be able to take on all the rest of your daily challenges.

Give Yourself the Tools You Need to Succeed

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a major hurdle. You can’t see past your need for substance abuse. It can make all of your other problems worse. You don’t know how to cope. Getting help from medical professionals is the best way to get everything into perspective. Don’t let your fears about being transgender be a roadblock that keeps you from getting help. You don’t want to stay on the dead-end road of addiction.

Addiction Recovery Specialists Want to Help You to Treat Your Addiction

Addiction recovery staff members don’t see you as transgender. They see you as someone in need. They have counseling services and facilities to give you the resources to conquer substance abuse. It’s all about separating yourself from a stressful environment. You’ll be removed from temptation. You won’t have to worry about any other responsibilities. Your main focus is to get better.

See a Future without Addiction

We know you are struggling. Addiction is a heavy burden to bear. Let us help you to find the right addiction recovery facility for you, a place where you can find caring staff members who respect you. If you choose to be addressed by a certain pronoun that matches your gender identity, we will fulfill your wishes. Reach out to us at (440) 253-9915. Our representatives are available any time, day or night. We want to see you have a fresh start in life. Let your journey begin today. Pick up the phone. We’re waiting.